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By switching to Druva, the City University of Hong Kong protects SaaS app data and restores emails 25x faster

Today’s organizations are increasingly leveraging SaaS applications to enhance and simplify collaboration between their many teams. However, leading SaaS providers such as Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce often fail to protect the data customers create within their platforms, and do not provide critical backup services. If the customer discovers important data has been deleted, or worse, compromised by malware, it may be too late to recover. There is a misconception that cloud data is protected across SaaS applications, but without comprehensive third-party data protection for SaaS app data, companies run the risk of: 

  • Data loss, breaches, and internal attacks
  • Increased cost to manage cloud data
  • Delayed cloud benefits
  • Compliance and audit penalties

The best bet for keeping data safe, secure, and always available is a single, comprehensive data protection strategy following best practices, so the company can always support new initiatives without fear its data could be lost.

The City University of Hong Kong (CityU), a world-class university with about 25,000 students and 5,000 staff, recently found this to be the case, as its IT team sought to deploy cloud data protection for its hybrid infrastructure. The team recognized the importance and capabilities of the cloud, and looked to expand its cloud usage to combat the growing risk of ransomware

CityU has more than 8,500 users of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, and grew increasingly concerned about vulnerabilities in the native protection offered by these platforms. The limited backup functionality was not sufficient to protect crucial university data and CityU’s IT team began exploring their options, seeking the ideal cloud data protection vendor. 

CityU implements Druva to protect SaaS data 24/7, and restore emails 25x faster 

CityU’s solution needed to be cloud-native to support the team’s strategy with a simple, easy-to-use interface so anyone could execute a data restore, not just IT experts. “We needed something user friendly because we wanted more people to do self-service restoration,” said Chris Fung, Senior IT Manager at the university. “If it’s easy to use, we can train users much quicker and increase overall adoption.” 

The university used Veeam for its on-premise servers and device backup needs but ultimately ruled out Veem for its cloud capabilities as they didn’t offer cloud-native protection for both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

The team then experienced a demonstration of the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud at the behest of its technology partner, Microware. CityU found Druva met its strict criteria for advanced access controls and airtight security, as well as being cloud-native to support the team’s cloud-first strategy. “We had to be absolutely certain Druva had the right security credentials,” said Francis Chu, CityU’s IT Manager. “Once we understood how data is stored and encrypted, and how much Druva invests in security, we were convinced.”

Impressed with Druva’s capabilities, CityU chose Druva as its vendor and deployed the solution across its Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace users in October 2021. It provided IT with peace of mind that the university’s data is protected and available to be recovered 24/7 while being resistant to ransomware threats. In addition, university end-users are able to restore lost emails and files themselves — 25 times faster than raising a support ticket with IT. 

With Druva, the IT team has greater visibility into its storage use, making it easy to control costs and scale on-demand, as well as comply with data retention policies. “Druva was one of the few providers we found that had a straightforward pricing model,” Chu said. “We wanted transparent costs without surprises.”

What’s next?

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