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How Business Leaders Are Accelerating Their Cloud Journey with Druva

Innovating for our customers’ current and future needs in their cloud journeys drives everything we do at Druva. That’s why we continue to listen to their challenges and collaborate with them on how we can provide even better solutions when moving their workloads to multi-cloud environments. Our Customer Advisory Board (CAB) program is a key part of continuing an open dialogue with our customers.   

From February 28 to March 1, 2018, a select group of customers across a wide range of industries joined our executives and product experts for an exciting and engaging CAB event at the luxurious Carmel Valley Ranch Resort and Spa in Carmel, California. The event provided an open and constructive platform for forward-thinking IT and business leaders to influence our product strategy and help mold our products into solutions that solve critical business challenges. In attendance were representatives from industry-leading companies that included NASA, Genomic Health, and Gilead, to name just a few.

Here are some of the key themes that emerged from the discussions with our customers:

  • Our customers are focusing on consolidating their data centers and moving their applications and data to public clouds. They are approaching new workloads with a cloud-first mindset and are evaluating and considering SaaS or cloud-native solutions before putting their workloads on-premises.
  • On average, approximately 20 to 25% of our customers’ enterprise workloads are currently on public clouds, and that percentage continues to increase.
  • Dark-data problems get worse with an increasingly fragmented data landscape and new compliance regulations such as GDPR. Customers expect their backup solutions to deliver enhanced visibility, accessibility, and automation to better manage their data-loss risks.   
  • The ever-increasing number of ransomware attacks and data breaches is causing our customers to be concerned about cybersecurity and how their data is protected and managed. Many customers are now focusing on improving their security posture, incident response times, and operations to ensure better protection for their organizations.
  • In order to meet their compliance and security needs, our customers expect their data management solutions to provide a single pane of glass for backup, archival, and disaster recovery as well as complete access and visibility into their data and related events.

Customers walked away from the CAB event with a better understanding of how the groundbreaking Druva Cloud Platform provides the following key benefits:

  • A unified view across environments for clouds, networks, and endpoints — wherever they may be
  • Efficient, high-performance backup with global deduplication, ever-incrementals, and WAN optimizations to accelerate data transfers to 1 Gbps
  • Public-cloud durability and scalability, with data centers around the globe providing superior data durability and infinite scale while enabling alignment with regional data residency requirements.
  • Compliance with federated search, audit trails, legal holds, and compliance-monitoring for enhanced data governance

At this year’s CAB event, we also shared Druva’s two-year vision and strategy, and the feedback we received from our customers has and will directly influence our product roadmap to better serve their needs. Discussions spanned a wide range of cloud data management use cases and topics, including data intelligence, classification, machine learning, and IOT.

Watch the video of the CAB event to find out how our customers answered this question: “How can Druva accelerate your cloud journey?”

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