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Black Hat 2015 Survey: The Challenge of Data Sprawl

At Black Hat 2015, professionals in IT security, network engineering, and IT infrastructure gathered to fortify their defenses against the inevitable malicious network attack that could bring down a company, a car, or a flight. This is truly scary, headline-making stuff. But what about the day-to-day scenarios that never make the headlines, such as when your CEO loses his laptop with sensitive customer data on it, or when legal asks for a hold, but you can’t find all the data because some of it’s outside the network, in some new cloud app?

These small incidents may not make big headlines, but they do add up to serious vulnerabilities that can lead to lower business productivity, irrecoverable data loss, and a general flat-footed-ness when it comes to governing sensitive data (which, after all, is a fundamental responsibility of business leaders).

To explore this still-murky world of sensitive data and how it is protected, we asked over 200 Black Hat attendees about six common everyday data risk scenarios. How do they respond and prepare for these common incidents?

The findings show that the majority are struggling to contain and protect sensitive corporate data across laptops, phones, and in the cloud.

Black Hat 2015 Survey: The Challenge of Data Sprawl

We invite you to take the survey and compare your answers to those above. How does your business handle these common and increasingly urgent data protection scenarios?

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