AWS partner video series: Enterprise data security

Druva and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are working together to accelerate and protect cloud initiatives with SaaS-based backup and recovery. Druva’s cloud data protection solutions are built on AWS and leverage its scalable, high-performance cloud infrastructure to provide customers with a unified, proven solution to protect endpoints, data centers, and cloud-based workloads. Stephen Manley, CTO of Druva, recently sat down for a conversation with Bill Vass, VP of Technology at AWS. The two discussed a range of topics, including the companies’ partnership and how this brings greater functionality and technological advantages to customers. 

Druva is excited to announce that recordings of the session are now available, and we will be highlighting many of the topics discussed on this blog in the months to come. In this edition, the first of the AWS partner video series, Stephen and Bill discuss the commitment to security that both Druva and AWS share, which in turn delivers numerous customer benefits, especially when compared to legacy solutions such as tape backup. Benefits include: state-of-the-art encryption, multiple levels of certification (including FedRAMP), and data compartmentalization and validation. Watch the video below to explore enterprise data security in further detail, and stay tuned for more on the Druva blog.