Are you still using a hardware approach for data protection?

IT managers and administrators recently identified their top backup and recovery pain points: rapid data growth, the inability to meet backup/recovery windows, and managing hardware and software backup. Because they saw these problems as getting worse going forward, these managers were willing to replace their current backup and recovery solutions and redesign data protection processes.1

Fast forward a few years and enterprise IT today lives in a hybrid cloud world. While some have changed, many are still using a hardware approach for data protection, which has only exacerbated these pain points.2

Data protection for the cloud era

Druva and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are working together to eliminate these pain points with cloud-based data protection. Built on top of AWS’ services, Druva provides off-site immutable data copies that lower data protection costs while providing a last line of defense against ransomware.

Druva’s SaaS platform eliminates dependence on hardware, software, and their never-ending refresh/upgrade cycles. Single-click workflow automation backs up, recovers, and fails your data over to the cloud then fails it back once the disaster has been mitigated. To ensure data integrity, we replicate backups across multiple AWS regions and accounts and provide an automated DR testing process that validates VMs are configured correctly and will failover in accordance with your RTO/RPO guidelines.

Say goodbye to multiple solutions to protect your environment. Druva protects on-premises and cloud data centers, endpoints, NAS storage, SaaS applications (Office 365, Slack), and cloud infrastructure and databases. Everything is managed from a web-based management console making it simple for multiple geographic teams to collaborate and manage their data. It’s also perfect for those instances where you are being asked to work at home to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Data growth shows no sign of slowing down which means if you are still using a hardware approach to data protection, IT’s job will continue to be challenging. Download our latest ebook to learn how Druva and AWS are working together to eliminate these pain points with modern data protection.

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