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Anglo-Eastern praises Druva for facilitating its corporate cloud strategy rollout

More and more businesses are prioritizing the adoption of cloud-first strategies, and are seeking these solutions first before considering on-premises hardware or software. In 2019, Anglo-Eastern, a leading global provider of ship management services, started its digital transformation, and, as part of that initiative, its IT department understood the need to embrace cloud technology. 

It first moved its collaboration platform to Microsoft 365 for its 1,800 employees and, though it had used a legacy solution to backup its VMware virtual machines (VMs), it evaluated cloud-native data protection solution Druva to back up business-critical data in Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams.

According to Anglo-Eastern’s Head of IT Infrastructure, Michael Mok, the team found that the Microsoft API was a bottleneck, meaning no matter how robust Anglo-Eastern’s infrastructure, backup performance was limited by the throughput of the API.

 It was at this point that the clear, strategic advantage of Druva being cloud-native became apparent. Plus, using the competitor’s solution to protect cloud backups would have required on-premises storage, which made little sense and offered no strategic advantage.

Evolving corporate culture to embrace the cloud

The cloud protection with Druva on Amazon Web Services (AWS) has resulted in a companywide increase in confidence in the cloud and his team — a pleasant surprise to Anglo-Eastern’s head of IT infrastructure. “We’re definitely noticing higher levels of trust among our users in our systems and the IT team,” Michael said. The shift to cloud-based data protection is even shaping employee behavior.

“More employees are willingly moving their data to OneDrive, rather than storing it on USB drives or other platforms. We’re sending a clear message as a team that we facilitate a corporate cloud strategy by making a commitment to protect files and data regardless of it being on-premises or in the cloud.” 

This is quite possibly even more important now than ever, as according to a recent McKinsey report, the global pandemic has pushed companies over the technology tipping point and transformed business forever.¹

Cloud-first policies accelerated 10x as a result of the pandemic

The aforementioned McKinsey report sites a survey of 2,000 IT managers, in which 80 percent of enterprises stated they have a cloud-first policy in place. What may be even more surprising is the massive acceleration in businesses creating digital or digitally-enhanced offerings.

While globally, the McKinsey survey results suggested a seven-year increase, on average, in the rate at which companies are developing these products and services, in Asia, where Anglo-Eastern is headquartered, the leap is even greater at ten years. 

Ultimately, Druva was the right choice for Anglo-Eastern, as Mok estimates that cloud-based Druva requires only one tenth the time to manage backups when compared with the competitor’s solution.

What’s next?

Read the Anglo-Eastern case study to learn more about how Druva helps the team ensure company data in Microsoft 365, including OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams, is protected against cyber attacks and accidental loss.


¹McKinsey & Company, “How COVID-19 has pushed companies over the technology tipping point—and transformed business forever,” October 5, 2020.