5 IT Security Horror Stories (and 5 Ways to Avoid Them)

5 IT Security Horror Stories (and 5 Ways to Avoid Them)

Sharon Florentine recently spoke with Jaspreet about a few of the worst data security stories he’s heard and how they could have been prevented. From laptops left in airports to rerouted web traffic, check out the slideshow below to see just how scary data loss can be and how to avoid it.

By Sharon Florentine, as published on CIO.

Your business relies on the security of its networks, storage, and mobile devices to protect personal information and corporate data. But often, the weakest link in a data security plan is the human element. While education and training can go a long way toward helping your employees keep devices and data safe, sometimes it’s up to technology to save the day.

See the slideshow at CIO.




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