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451 Research: “Druva Turns Up the Heat”

The global research and advisory firm 451 Research recently published a close look at Druva’s ascendency in what it calls the “white-hot” disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) market. Citing the growing obsolescence of legacy hardware and the corresponding adoption of SaaS services, 451 Research anticipates that Druva solutions will successfully enable important automated DR for on-premises and cloud workloads while reducing multi-vendor complexity and downtime.

451 Research’s report included an overview of Druva’s strategic advantages in a market being driven by trends that increasingly favor a cloud-based solution, including:

  • Exponential acceleration of data moving to the cloud
  • Data protection giving way to data management
  • Merging of backup, DR, and business continuity functions
  • Need for analytics and machine learning techniques to determine the relative value of data

Druva Differentiators

In addition, the report noted critical benefits of using Druva, including:

  • TCO reduction up to 60% by eliminating hardware replication, storage, software, and the use of a pay-as-you-go service
  • Recovery point objective (RPO) of an hour and a recovery time objective (RTO) of minutes
  • A storage layer built on top of AWS S3 using DynamoDB

Next Steps

Read the Druva DRaaS solution brief.