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3 Ways inSync’s Mobile Apps Are Driving User Productivity

Since the launch of the all-new inSync mobile apps in February, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from our enterprise customers who are utilizing the apps ensure the security of their corporate data while also providing productivity benefits to their end-users. One interesting piece of feedback was that many of our customers were surprised to learn that they could start utilizing our mobile apps via a simple profile settings change and then downloading the apps to their mobile device, without having to do anything extra to get started. You can learn more about that here if you’re interested in trying it out.

In our discussions, as we often find,  each customer has a slightly different approach to how their organization will utilize our mobile apps get the best productivity benefit for their end users. We find these typically fall into three use cases, which I’ve summarized below:

  1. Enabling immediate access to corporate data from any mobile device
    With an increasing number of users wanting to be productive while always on the move, we designed our base inSync mobile app to deliver secure access to end-user data across multiple devices; laptop/desktop, smartphones and tablets. For example, this has enabled professors at RWTH Aachen University to access lecture content created on their desktops and teach right off their tablet devices. Now it no longer matters which devices lecture content is created on or whether professors carry their laptops with them.
  2. Instant data recovery for end users and complete data protection for enterprise IT
    Immediate access to data enables great productivity benefits, but for both IT and end-users there is also the need to insure against permanent data-loss and leaks. For example, a great amount of productivity loss occurs when an end-user loses a device, but with this there is the risk of sensitive data exposure as well. To address this we designed inSync’s mobile apps to minimize downtime for end-users by ensuring a painless data recovery in scenarios where access to previously backed up data is needed. This capability enables quick recovery to a new device or immediate access to snapshots when in a critical have-to-have-it-now situation. For IT, inSync’s mobile containerization provides separation of personal and corporate data, which aids in addressing data-leak concerns by allowing IT to revoke access and choose to remote wipe the data on the device if needed.
  3. Hassle-free, secure file sharing
    The proliferation of mobile devices has also lead to extensive user self-provisioning of file-sharing tools, a great help for productivity but with the tradeoff of lost visibility and data-protection. We see inSync Share’s file-sharing capabilities as a way to both facilitate collaboration for end-users, but also provide the needed security, visibility and manageability that IT needs for governance, compliance and meeting regulatory guidelines. For example, end-users can share data with internal and external parties, while in the background inSync keeps complete audit trails of who shared, what was shared, and when it was accessed all necessary for audits like HIPAA.

The all new inSync for Mobile is designed with a focus on providing IT with complete control to secure corporate data and offers productivity wins for end-users. If you’re an existing customer, get inSync Mobile for iOS and Android and learn how to get end users up and running within minutes:

inSync Mobile for iPhone, iPad

inSync Mobile for Android

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