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3 Things in Druva inSync 5.5 That’ll Make You Say Oh Cool!

We have a lot to brag about with Druva inSync. And with our latest release, inSync 5.5, there’s even more to crow about.

Without undue modesty: Druva inSync is pretty special. We’ve lots of customer testimonials saying so, not to mention more than 3,000 enterprises depending on our software to protect their data.

But we aren’t resting on our laurels. We work relentlessly to respond to our customer’s requests. The engineering team does its best to improve Druva inSync to make it work better, more efficiently, and with more useful features. Every so often it behooves us to draw your attention to those enhancements.

For example, inSync version 5.5 adds several new capabilities, many of which may make you say, “Oh cool!” …or, at least, “Hey, that might be useful.” These all put more power in the admin’s hands, in addition to supporting organizational goals such as governance and e-discovery.

Unlimited admin roles — to infinity and beyond!

Druva inSync offers unparalleled granularity in managing administrative roles, to help IT staff give just-the-right-amount of access to fellow admins. In this release, you can add as many administrative roles as your organization needs, all within your control, so you can manage explicitly what the role can see-and-do.

Sometimes, the right amount of access is “not much.” You don’t want to over-expose your data, after all. When you make another person an admin, you want to give him the right level of access — and nothing more than that. Yet, you want every admin to have enough power to get the job done. In inSync 5.5, you have the tools to make the access just right.

Better alignment with EDRM

The Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) sets standards and guidelines in the legal e-discovery and investigations fields. Druva inSync 5.5 better aligns with those industry standards, including collecting and preserving recommended EDRM metadata attributes. That improved attribute tracking gives enterprises the ability to better determine the origin, context, authenticity, and distribution for internal investigations, compliance, and legal admissibility purposes.

We went further than that: We cross-checked with the U.S. SEC and the Department of Justice to ensure that these are the must-have data attributes.

Downloadable User Audit Trails

No matter how impressive a tool’s analysis features are — including ours — there are some times when any self-respecting admin wants to slice-and-dice the log data herself. In this release, you can download user audit trails. Before now, you could download the admin audit trails; now you can grab the data from users, too, to put into your favorite log file analysis tool. That lets you see who’s doing what, sharing which information, who’s granted access to which files — giving you complete visibility into any user activity in the organization. In addition to giving you even more power over your user data, that’ll make your compliance folks happy.

We have a lot more to brag about; this is just a few high points. For more about inSync version 5.5, see the release notes.