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2019 SaaS Trends: What to Consider

With the new year comes new trends and in 2019, I fully expect more companies to begin adopting or converting to the SaaS model. With that said, there will be two key things this trend will trigger: not only will there be more SaaS storage vendors, but there will also be more SaaS data loss incidents.

How does that make sense? Well, because the two are not mutually exclusive. The first will be a reaction to the popularity of the SaaS approach, but the second will be caused by the fact that many users have an inaccurate perception of how SaaS works, and what comes standard from vendors.

Vendors Get More SaaSy

The trend in SaaS and many companies offering their product as-a-service is due to pressure from both customers and stockholders, and the benefits it provides for each party. The as-a-service model allows the customer to only pay for what they need when they need it. It offers all of the benefits without the major investment traditionally required. Vendors like the model, as it creates recurring revenue, while customer stockholders appreciate the more predictable billing and expenditures.

Data Loss & SaaS: The Struggles Continue

Given the trend toward SaaS, there is also another perception being propagated: that SaaS solves all problems including data protection. Many people seem to think by adopting cloud based solutions, this will also solve data backup, since it’s now “in the cloud.” But, the problem is this is just  not the case. While these solutions offer some features that help, most businesses need a more robust solution to properly backing up data to prevent a data loss incident.

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