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137-year old Hope Global modernizes its business with the cloud and Druva

Being part of an established company like Hope Global is a lot like living in an old house. It’s got good bones, it’s built with solid construction, and it has some classic, historical features. But, transforming from an old textile business, as Hope Global has done, into a modern supplier of automotive components, requires some significant upgrades to its bones (i.e., infrastructure).

“I started at Hope Global in 1998 when the company was much smaller than it is now. We had recently launched sites in Europe, Mexico, and Asia, and were planning for growth,” said CIO Tom Ferrucci.

To support its goal of offering manufacturing wherever its customers need it to be, the company realized that it had to invest in and modernize its aging IT infrastructure. This also required changes to the executive team to drive the infrastructure modernization.

Over the last 10 years the company began to embrace a cloud-first strategy, eventually adopting software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications such as Microsoft 365, Box, and Salesforce. It also virtualized a good portion of its physical server infrastructure. Both steps were critical in its transformation from a legacy business to a modern manufacturer.

But, as its data volumes grew, so did the need to replace its legacy data protection solution with a cloud-native solution that would allow it to scale and recover data quickly whenever required.

Out with Veritas NetBackup and LTO Tapes and in with the Druva Cloud Platform

Business-critical data on VMware virtual machines (VMs) and data in its SaaS applications, Microsoft 365 and Salesforce, were backed up with Veritas NetBackup and LTO tape drives for offsite storage. Tom and team knew that this transformed company needed better performance to meet growing customer expectations.

So, Hope Global deployed Druva Phoenix to protect VMs and physical servers across multiple locations and Druva inSync to protect its Microsoft 365 environment, which currently includes Exchange Online and SharePoint Online.

“We wanted to consolidate multiple backup and recovery tools into one, modern cloud-based data protection solution. With the Druva Cloud Platform we saw a significant improvement in restore performance over the previous cloud solution we used,” said Tom.

When Ferrucci’s team migrates data storage from Box to Microsoft OneDrive, they’ll leverage Druva inSync to backup OneDrive. This will enable them to reduce the risks of data loss and non-compliance penalties as a result of gaps in Microsoft’s data retention policies and data recovery capabilities.

Hope Global’s cloud-first strategy improves IT’s reputation

With the Druva Cloud Platform, Hope Global has not only replaced a legacy solution, but it has done so while leveraging a single pane of glass through which IT can manage backups and restores of physical servers (Windows, Linux), VMs, and Microsoft 365.

Not only has the Druva Cloud Platform given Tom’s team confidence that they can recover anything it is backing up, but it’s also increased visibility and the reputation of the IT team. 

“Our team has become more efficient leveraging the Druva Cloud Platform’s single pane of glass through which a small team can manage backups of Microsoft 365, VMs, and physical servers,” he added.

The team now has the ability to do multiple restore options for VMs, including full, file-level, and individual virtual disk, and the secure cloud backup encrypts data in-flight and at rest, delivers proactive alerting for unusual file activities to Tom’s team.

Ultimately the Druva Cloud Platform has helped Tom achieve his top priority — significantly reducing the time to recovery. “We’ve slashed the time for recovery from up to eight hours down to a few minutes with Druva — about 90% faster,” said Tom.

Next Steps

Read the Hope Global case study to learn more about how Druva enabled it to cut up to 75% of the time previously spent managing day-to-day backups, enabling the CIO to do what he needs – glance at the dashboard and know his team can recover anything in minutes.

Druva is happy to announce that Hope Global is one of many customers that are presenting their story at DxP, the cloud data protection summit. Register now to learn more about how Hope Global embraced and implemented a cloud-first data protection strategy with Druva.