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10 Best Hits of the Druva Blog

Over the past year, the Druva blog has become our ‘home base’ for sharing the latest product news, expert advice and tips, and for exploring topics of relevance to IT leaders in data protection and governance.

What’s most interesting to see are the handful of posts that rise to the top of the charts, gaining momentum as they get shared across the IT community and beyond. These posts suggest to us, dear reader, what you’re most curious about: authoritative technical definitions, opinions on Microsoft, how to get ahead of employee mobility, and future-forward storage trends by leading experts.

We invite you to take a closer look at the ten most-read blog posts authored by Druva internal experts, respected industry pundits and astute observers. We think you’ll come away with a deeper understanding of key topics and trends in the fast-moving field of data protection and governance.

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Technical Definitions

Understanding RTO and RPO
Druva CEO Jaspreet Singh explains Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO), two of the most important parameters of a disaster recovery or data protection plan. Tweet

Object Storage versus Block Storage
Yadin Porter de León and Tony Piscopo from Druva’s front line implementation team define object storage, compare it to alternatives, and give an overview of where it can make a performance difference for enterprise computing. Tweet

File Systems versus Databases
Jaspreet Singh offers a helpful post on the difference between databases and file-systems for storing structured or unstructured information, and how the two have evolved. Tweet

A Simple Definition of Data Deduplication
Jennifer Burnham offers a simple definition of data duplication for “the rest of us,” explaining why it is fundamental for moving data to the cloud. Tweet

Microsoft Momentum

Why Microsoft OneDrive Is Not A Substitute for Endpoint Data Protection
Manny Lopez’s ‘mic drop’ answer to the debate over whether a file sync/share services such as Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business can replace endpoint backup solutions such as Druva inSync.  Tweet

What Microsoft Won’t Tell You About Office 365 Subscription Plans
Expert Ed Bott offers advice to IT managers who plan on replacing traditional software installations with subscription services like Windows Office 365. Hint: there’s a catch. Tweet

Data Protection in the Mobile Era

Getting A Better Handle On BYOD Management
Liz Connor addresses the rise in popularity of BYOD mobile devices which has been both a blessing and a curse for IT departments. Tweet

Protecting Corporate Data When An Employee Leaves
Esther Schindler wisely asks “What happens to someone’s data after they leave the company?” How IT can help ensure the company’s data doesn’t walk out the front door. Tweet

Storage Industry Trends

Thinking Cloud: Why Most Of Us Get It Wrong
Think you know cloud? Think again. Jaspreet Singh addresses why the cloud is less about a technology and more about an operating model which represents a new way to do business. Tweet

Shadow IT, Latency Reduction and More: The Next Decade in Storage
Storage guru Robin Harris peers into his crystal ball to predict what storage will be like in 2025. And, he says, the next 10 years will be the most exciting and explosive in the history of data storage. Tweet

A special thanks to each of our authors, as well as to our blog readers and subscribers. We look forward to providing you with more interesting and informative content in 2016!

Do you have a burning question about data governance that you need answered, or a super technical term that you’d like explained in plain language? Leave a suggestion in the comments below. We may just answer it in an upcoming blog post.

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