Yadin Porter de León

Yadin has spent the last decade in the technology and services field, working with local and global firms focusing on the complex service and product needs of companies within today’s technology and regulatory landscape. At Druva, Yadin has worked with our most critical accounts and takes care of key stakeholders to continually unlock value and strengthen relationships.

Recent Posts by Yadin Porter de León

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    Still afraid of the cloud? Apparently not – security concerns about the cloud have lessened, and that’s one of...

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    Druva at Tech Field Day Extra — VMworld 2017

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    That’s right, this is not the usual VMworld preview! This event is about getting you hyper-connected to the community,...

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    Nearly every day, there’s another story about a ransomware attack in the news. The U.S. Department of Justice reports...

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  • “As I thought, Druva is the most powerful backup tool!”

    Shinji Saito has worried about data backup for quite some time. As the chief information security officer at Tokyo-based...

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  • Stories From the Field: How Andritz Stamped-Out Complexity with Cloud Server Data Protection

    Effective data security and information management is a challenge for every company, regardless of size. Even for a small...

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