W. Curtis Preston

W. Curtis Preston is known as “Mr. Backup,” having specialized in backup and recovery for 25 years. He started his career as the backup admin for a $35B credit card company, and has since designed and implemented some of the world’s largest backup systems, including dozens of Fortune 500 companies. His passion for protecting everyone’s data includes founding backupcentral.com, writing the O’Reilly books Backup & Recovery and Using SANs & NAS, conducting several hundred backup seminars around the world, as well as speaking at hundreds of webinars and trade shows.

Recent Posts by W. Curtis Preston, Chief Technologist

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    Wake-up Call: Ransomware Makes Cloud DR More Essential Than Ever

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    Data Management Essentials: Backing up Office 365

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    Future Proofing with Cloud Backup

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    Data Management Essentials: RPO and RTO

    In this ongoing video series, W. Curtis Preston, aka Mr. Backup, and Chief Technologist at Druva will walk through...

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    Thoughts from Mr. Backup: AWS Backup

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    A Simple Definition: What is an ‘Endpoint’?

    Originally posted February, 2015, updated February 2019 Jargon abounds in the technical world of IT, with obscure-but-precise language sometimes...

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    Protecting Corporate Data…When an Employee Leaves

    Originally published October, 2014, updated January 2019 When someone leaves the company, the human resources(HR) department is quick to grab...