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W. Curtis Preston is known as “Mr. Backup,” having specialized in backup and recovery for 25 years. He started his career as the backup admin for a $35B credit card company, and has since designed and implemented some of the world’s largest backup systems, including dozens of Fortune 500 companies. His passion for protecting everyone’s data includes founding backupcentral.com, writing the O’Reilly books Backup & Recovery and Using SANs & NAS, conducting several hundred backup seminars around the world, as well as speaking at hundreds of webinars and trade shows.

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    Mr. Backup: What I’m reading – Cloud Proximate Storage

    This week I read Matt Leib’s blog on Cloud Proximate Storage with interest, because I think the idea has...

  • good-bad-ugly

    The Good Bad & Ugly of Getting Backups Off-Site

    Ensuring your backups get off-site is the second most important task a backup administrator is responsible for, second only...

    By in SaaS Backup10.05.18
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    Key Motivations for Migrating to the Cloud

    Find out more on this topic—check out this blog post, “Key Trends: What You Should Know About Virtualization.”Most respondents...

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    Why do I need to back up Salesforce?

    Backing up salesforce is one of the most important things to do to protect your sales organization, and there...

    By in SaaS Backup10.03.18
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    Frost and Sullivan Gets Druva

    Frost & Sullivan gets Druva. That’s the impression one is left with after reading its most recent report on...

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    What I’m Reading: VMworld Edition

    The two most interesting pieces of news from VMworld were actually related to Amazon: VMware is going to support...

  • key-trends-what-you-should-know-about-virtualization-v1

    Key Trends: What You Should Know About Virtualization

    If there was any doubt that companies are moving to the cloud, Druva’s virtualization survey of 2018 should put...

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    What I’m Reading: Google Spanner Pressuring Oracle

    In case you’re unfamiliar with it, Google Spanner is the latest product from Google, and it is a database...

  • Summary mountain

    VMworld 2018: Druva Roundup

    As a proud sponsor of the VMworld 2018 Show, we would like to thank everyone who visited our booth!...