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  • what-microsoft-wont-tell-you

    What Microsoft Won’t Tell You about Office 365 Subscription Plans

    Originally published June, 2015, updated February 2019. IT managers are by nature conservative. It comes with the job. So...

    By in 02.01.19
  • How IT and InfoSec Can Address Legal Hold Challenges On Mobile

    IT teams have often been clueless about how to facilitate eDiscovery requests on their organization’s’ mobile devices. This demand...

    By in 08.26.15
  • At Opposite Ends of the Internet Consolidation Tightrope: Accountability, Security, Privacy, and the Future of the Internet

    The Internet, like other computing resources, operates on a pendulum swing: from centralized to decentralized, from rampant innovation to...

    By in 08.11.15
  • Training Users to Get Clueful about IT Security

    Everyone in IT wants employees to be educated about security —  if for no other reason than it’s a...

    By in 08.04.15
  • 5 Black Hat Presentations I Don’t Want to Miss (and Neither Do You)

    In my 30+ years in the computer industry, I’ve attended hundreds of tech conferences. Somehow, though, I’ve never made...

    By in 07.28.15
  • 5 on Friday: Mobile Stories You Didn’t Mean to Miss

    Hey, how did it get to be Friday, already? It’s hard enough to keep up with work; too often,...

    By in 07.24.15
  • 5 on Friday: Security and Privacy Stories You Missed (and Shouldn’t)

    We’re all busy, aren’t we? With our heads down at work, music blaring into our headphones, it’s easy to...

    By in 07.10.15
  • Chain of Custody: What IT Needs to Know for Legal Holds

    Managing document preservation for litigation and regulatory matters remains one of the most distressing eDiscovery challenges. Recent court decisions...

    By in 07.06.15
  • Surviving the Everest Avalanche: a First-Hand Account

    The last thing I remember was jumping into our kitchen tent when we saw the mountain of ice and...

    By in 06.22.15