Dave Packer

Dave has more than 20 years experience in influencing products in the enterprise technology space, primarily focused in the areas of information management and governance. At Druva, Dave leads Product Marketing, which serves as an integral part of product definition and direction.

Recent Posts by Dave Packer

  • ransomware

    End Ransomware Threats With Good Backups

    When the best offense is a good defense Modern enterprise cybersecurity always takes a layered approach. For example, only...

    By in 03.05.19
  • reinvent-18-day2

    AWS re:Invent Recap Day 2 – Druva CloudRanger and Zebra

    Topic: Day 2 AWS re:Invent Druva – CloudRanger session with ZebraIt’s been a whirlwind second day here at AWS...

    By in 11.27.18
  • what-to-consider-as-you-move-to-cloud-dmaas

    What to Consider As You Move to the Cloud: DMaaS

    The shift to the cloud and “as-a-service” applications means that data now lives in more areas than ever before....

    By in 09.21.18
  • Druva and the Future of Data Management

    It’s a reality of a fast growing company that you have to continuously adapt in order to address ever...

    By in 07.31.18
  • Remote office data backup

    Remote office data backup: How do you deal with all the data?

    The future of work is a big concern for companies of all sizes. The 9-to-5 office workday has given...

    By in 10.18.17
  • Moving to Cloud Information Management

    It has never been simple to manage your company’s most critical data. Understanding all the various technology options available...

    By in 04.24.17
  • What Does Enterprise-Grade Really Mean? 7 Functions of Backup Solutions that Make the Grade

    Technology companies are notorious for changing business models and jumping from one value proposition to the next.  Pivot-happy executives...

    By in 07.27.16
  • What is Data Governance and Why Should I Care?

    Data governance is frequently referenced in today’s enterprise, but many IT teams have trouble wrapping their mind around such...

    By in 06.22.16
  • Too Close for Comfort: Insider Threats to Enterprise Data

    Given the barrage of external threats to enterprise data, it’s easy to blame faceless outsiders for every breach.  Beset...

    By in 05.18.16