Chandar Venkataraman

With a strong track record of new business creation for consumers, small businesses, and enterprises, Chandar brings strong product leadership to Druva. Previously, Chandar was a product management executive at Intuit, where he spearheaded the launch of several cloud-based offerings for small businesses. Prior to Intuit, Chandar was Vice President of Products at MindTouch and a Senior Director at Yahoo.

Recent Posts by Chandar Venkataraman

  • The Rise of Phoenix

     Over the last couple of years, Druva established a clear core competency in delivering a global-scale, world-class, secure, cloud...

    By in 10.09.14
  • The Failure of Traditional Remote Office Data Protection

    Remote offices and branch offices are particularly vulnerable to data loss, and it’s hard for corporate IT to support...

    By in 09.24.14
  • Does your cloud backup solution provide full data visibility?

    How often have you wanted to search across multiple backup sets but didn’t have a way to do it?...

    By in 04.18.14
  • Global Dedupe Boosts Backup Speed Many Times Over

    Cloud backup customers often complain about the speed of data transfer or more accurately the lack thereof. Part of...

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  • National Privacy Laws Target the Global Cloud

    The EU is very, very sensitive to the privacy rights of individuals. Its rules on Data Protection only allow...

    By in 04.02.14
  • Lost Your Data in the Cloud? Managing SLAs with Your Service Provider

    “The cloud” is a misnomer of course. Digital data sits in servers and storage and flows through physical conduits;...

    By in 03.27.14
  • Managing Encryption Online: Encryption Key or Security Hole?

    The folks responsible for data privacy carefully review their cloud provider’s encryption measures. Encryption in-transit? Check. Encryption at rest?...

    By in 03.19.14
  • Continuing the Tradition

    Continuing the annual Hackathon tradition, we recently hosted Druva Hack Day IV. This time we outdid our previous Hackathons...

    By in 02.24.14
  • Admin Audit Trails: Why Visibility Shouldn’t Stop with End Users

    One of the ironies of IT managed software is that it allows IT to track detailed activities that an...

    By in 05.23.13