Druva Cloud Architecture

API-First Design

Enable internal teams and 3rd parties to efficiently deliver data resiliency and operationalized cloud services for analytics, sec-ops, compliance initiatives.
  • Customize and centralize management & reporting for global visibility
  • Automate workflows that support disaster recovery, e-discovery, and ransomware recovery
  • Integrate with security, identity management, IT operations solutions and more

Microservices-Based Architecture

Improve efficiency with a cloud-native platform that uses microservices to deliver new capabilities without the need to deploy, manage, or upgrade anything.
  • Scale dynamically to meet performance needs
  • Control costs with all-inclusive consumption-based pricing
  • Get transparent, automatic upgrades for the latest global functionality and security

AI-Powered, Metadata Powered Neural Network

Understand your data better with insights and recommendations to optimize data protection, governance and cyber resilience with enterprise scale.
  • Assess global trends in protection and security with built-in, scalable analytics
  • Detect anomalies with AI-powered security across users and data sources
  • Lower costs and improve performance with AI-powered optimizations

Scalable Cloud File System

Reduce the cost and complexity of protecting and recovering data with a unique cloud-native, deduplicated file system.
  • Maximize bandwidth and storage efficiencies with source-side, global deduplication
  • Automate storage tiering and cloud archiving with predictable, lower costs
  • Limitless Scale up or down without management or security overhead

Zero-Trust Security Model

Keep your data safe from internal and external threats with a built-in, zero-trust architecture that secures every layer of the platform for users, administrators, and data.
  • Enforce platform security and compliance standards. SOC2, PCI DSS, FedRAMP certified
  • Monitor and alert customers to anomalous behaviors based on AI/ML algorithms
  • Secure data using envelope encryption that makes data accessible only to customers

API-First Design

APIs for ecosystem integration, partners & customers

Microservices-based architecture

Rapid scaling up and down. Transparent upgrades

AI-powered, metadata neural network

Assess security, cost, performance and compliance

Scalable cloud file-system

Self-healing, global data dedupe and auto storage tiering

Zero Trust security model

Authentication, authorization, immutability, availability