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Family Healthcare Network Moves to Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery with Druva

Druva Drives Down Disaster Recovery Overhead Costs by 30% Across 110 Hospital Network

Druva, the leader in cloud data protection and management, today announced that Family Healthcare Network (FHN), a not-for-profit healthcare provider based in Chicago, Illinois, has implemented Druva to protect its critical patient data.  As part of a major migration to cloud for its IT services, FHN will be able to recover data and workloads using Druva’s uniquely scalable cloud-based approach, reducing costs for disaster recovery while gaining more flexibility in how infrastructure and data is recovered. Druva provides all the necessary support for secure data protection and disaster recovery (DR) in the cloud with no additional hardware requirements.

FHN is moving to the cloud as part of an overall shift in IT strategy that supports the organization’s growth plans for the future, particularly as it expands beyond its current locations in Illinois. However, it faced a challenge around implementing adequate data protection capabilities into the production cloud environment that it had chosen. To ensure that data was secure and protected, FHN selected Druva to meet this gap in data protection while also complying with the strict requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

“We chose VMware’s vCloud Air for our production cloud environment, and we wanted to implement a Disaster Recovery as-a-Service model as part of our shift to cloud. We have more than 110 hospitals to support, as well as thousands of physicians that rely on us to support their patient data. However, our existing data backup product simply could not support this approach. Druva was chosen as it would allow us to recover our data from the cloud quickly and securely,” commented Don Fletcher, Infrastructure Manager with FHN. “As our organization grows across the US and supports patients nationwide, we rely on our cloud strategy to manage any acquisitions or expansions. Druva’s Cloud-first approach to data protection will ensure that our data is secure and protected.”

Jaspreet Singh, CEO of Druva, said: “Patient data is one of the most sensitive types of information and healthcare organizations have strict rules to follow. This doesn’t mean that organizations aren’t able to take advantage of cloud-based platforms; indeed, moving to the Cloud will be essential for healthcare service providers that are expanding their range of services and locations. Druva’s Cloud-first strategy helps FHN comply with the requirements of HIPAA for secure data protection, backup and archival while cutting the costs normally associated with disaster recovery.”

FHN has implemented vCloud Air to host production applications and systems used by clinical staff and physicians based at more than 110 sites, with both Druva and Amazon Web Services being HIPAA-compliant, FHN can safely achieve their DR goals.  As FHN expands its range of healthcare providers and adds more systems on to vCloud Air, the Druva installation can scale up to provide simple and cost-effective backup and recovery in the Cloud. Along with reducing the amount of time required to manage backups by over 30 percent, this makes infrastructure planning easier for FHN, according to Fletcher: “Previously, we have only so much bandwidth and deduplicating data would be time-consuming and not easily scalable. With Druva providing as-a-service capabilities, we can easily reconfigure workloads to make them easily accessible and bootable within AWS, without the overhead of moving the workloads separately and impacting network bandwidth and replicating data — that’s the advantage of an integrated service, leveraging the same data set for different data protection services.”

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For 20 years, Family Health Network (FHN), a provider-sponsored health plan, has filled an important void in providing care for those who are most vulnerable. As a not-for-profit and one of the largest managed care plans in the region under the Medicaid Family Health Plan (FHP) and the Affordable Care Act, FHN is redefining managed care for people on Medicaid, especially high-risk members. For more information, visit

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