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Druva Simplifies End-of-XP Migration with New Persona Backup Feature

Backup/Restore for System & Application Settings Combines with Data Backup to Save Hours of Migration Time; Enables Fast Self-Serve Migration across Operating Systems, Devices & Platforms

SUNNYVALE, CA – May 16, 2013: Druva today introduced an industry-first settings backup capability for its inSync endpoint data protection platform that will save hundreds of hours of IT overhead for enterprises confronting the task of upgrading corporate PCs when Windows XP is sunsetted in April 2014. inSync’s new Persona Backup feature enables system and application settings to be saved and restored with a click by end users themselves. Combining the new feature with inSync’s core endpoint data backup/restore abilities not only slashes migration downtime but also allows end users to perform their own device migrations without IT intervention.

With Windows XP expected to power over 30% of all Windows PCs when Microsoft issues its final security update for the 12-year-old OS next year, inSync will provide an easy migration path to Windows 7/8 that eliminates manual transfer of data and settings. The inSync platform can also streamline any other OS, device or hardware platform migration scenario – including moving data and settings from laptop to laptop, laptop to tablet, and Windows to Mac – as well as simplify the process of rebuilding damaged hardware and replacing lost or stolen devices.

The new Persona Backup feature facilitates these tasks by:

  • Enabling automatic backup of system and application settings ranging from wireless network, email and desktop settings to browser bookmarks, home pages and shortcuts for each user profile, at the administrator’s discretion
  • Allowing end users to restore their backed-up settings simply by logging into the inSync client and selecting “replace an existing device” after an OS migration, post-crash OS and app restore, or hardware change
  • Complementing the restore capabilities of inSync’s endpoint data backup, which automatically backs up files and folders on end user devices while also enabling remote data access from any device without moving files from one device to another or into a consumer file sharing service

“We built our Persona Backup feature to reduce the overall migration workload caused by rapid endpoint diversification, frequent OS iterations, and rampant loss and theft of mobile devices, but we also recognized that it would help meet a surge in OS migration demand created by the imminent demise of Windows XP,” said Jaspreet Singh, CEO of Druva. “The crunch is already on, with analysts warning that companies still running XP need to put a migration plan in place immediately or risk compliance problems. inSync can now help even the largest organizations fast-track the migration process by streamlining data restore and settings configuration.”

The Persona Backup feature is part of the new 5.2 release of Druva inSync, an integrated suite of data backup, file sharing, data loss prevention and analytics solutions designed to protect and govern data on any mix of endpoint devices including full support for mobile data protection. For more information on inSync’s ability to simplify OS and other migration, visit

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Druva provides integrated data protection and governance solutions for enterprise laptops, PCs, smartphones and tablets. Its flagship product, inSync, empowers an enterprise’s mobile workforce with backup, IT-managed file sharing, data loss prevention, and rich analytics. Deployed in public or private cloud scenarios or on-premise, inSync is the only solution built with both IT needs and end-user experiences in mind. Druva has over 1,500 customers and protects one million endpoints across 46 countries. With offices in the United States, India and the United Kingdom, Druva is privately held and is backed by Nexus Venture Partners and Sequoia Capital. Information on Druva is available at