Press Release

Druva releases inSync v4.0 Blackbird Beta


Santa Clara, US, July 20th, 2010

Druva Software, one of the fastest growing global players in storage and data back-up solutions, today announced the release of a new update to its award-winning enterprise laptop backup product – Druva inSync.

Simple, light weight and scalable in nature, inSync version 4.0, codenamed Blackbird, after the Lockheed reconnaissance aircraft, is a first of its kind application aware de-duplication backup solution for laptops, specially designed to eliminate duplicates at logical-block or object level.

It comes with added features such as a global source based application aware de-duplication technology and an embedded new storage engine which redefines performance of data de-duplication enabled backups while supporting up to 16 TB de-duplication storage per server.

With an average of over 80% emails being duplicated across users, the new application aware de-duplication approach provides efficient backup by optimizing storage bandwidth and ensuring 100% duplicate elimination.

Blackbird uses NoSQL Oracle Berkley Database (BDB) and provides a low-level storage interface for maintaining meta-data and in turn eliminates the network and SQL optimizer layers. It is also equipped with a redesigned WAN optimization engine – Octopus and a new web 2.0 based Management Console. The Octopus WAN optimization engine analyzes available networks and optimizes the data transfer for latency and packet sizing.

Other enhancements and their salient features include the following

Application-Aware Deduplication

  • 3X performance improvement for backup throughput
  • 100% deduplication accuracy
  • 2X improvement in deduplication for Outlook Emails

Storage Engine – Blackbird

  • Highly scalable – supports 16 TB de-dupe storage per server
  • High performance – supports up-to 200 parallel connections
  • Hierarchical Restore Points – retains long term data at very low storage cost
  • Based on embedded Oracle database – simpler installation and zero maintenance

Redesigned WAN Optimization Engine – Octopus

  • Up to eight parallel connections per client
  • Smart bandwidth calculation and throttling

Web2.0 based Management Console

  • Simpler Web-based management
  • New advanced Dashboard

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Jaspreet Singh, CEO and Co Founder Druva, said, “In this dynamic environment, global enterprises are constantly facing challenges relating to data protection and storage utilization. With the launch of Druva’s inSync 4.0 Blackbird, we aim to eliminate these inefficiencies through our enhanced de-duplication solutions that guarantee superior performance, scalability and advanced cost savings. Indeed, technology never fails to surprise you, and this is an engineering marvel from Druva that I am truly proud to launch.”

Druva has been long associated with Continuous Data Protection and Disaster Recovery products that cater to a marquee list of customers in more than 26 countries. Druva inSync, a laptop backup solution for local and remote corporate users, and Druva Phoenix, designed for remote and local server backup have both been award winning products from the Druva stable.