Press Release

Druva Puts Endpoint Data In The Spotlight With inSync Advanced Data Insights For E-Discovery


SNW Europe, Frankfurt, Germany, 1st November 2011 – Druva, a pioneer in enterprise endpoint data protection, today unveiled inSync Advanced Data Insights, allowing enterprise IT customers to gain increased visibility into data stored and shared across all enterprise endpoints. Druva’s latest product introduction fills the gap for an effective yet affordable solution that enables insights into enterprise data through aggregate and per-user summary information, advanced search capability to locate any file on any laptop, reporting, and alert notifications.

Many IT administrators today are virtually blind to the details of data stored on their corporate laptops and other endpoint devices. Druva’s newest addition to its portfolio provides them insights into enterprise endpoint data by enabling them to locate files or folders in any device by name, type, recency, or size. It also provides a summary of file composition across endpoints, by file type and size, as well as aggregate and per-user storage consumption. Using inSync, an IT administrator could now instantly locate all employees who have a copy of a specific confidential financial report by issuing a simple search.

Jaspreet Singh, CEO at Druva, is confident that inSync’s Advanced Data Insights will give IT professionals more control over enterprise data stored on laptops. “The ability to quickly locate data and analyze usage can have a direct impact on compliance, productivity and optimization of IT resources. And yet the majority of organizations today have only a limited knowledge of what kind of files employees are storing on their laptops and who has access to which files. Our new data insights capability empowers organizations to go beyond data protection and lay the foundation for an effective e-discovery strategy.”

A federated search across multiple laptops allows IT administrators to identify a wide range of data usage and ownership patterns, which would be largely impossible to achieve otherwise. This capability allows data leakage issues to be identified and solved in real time. inSync’s Advanced Data Insights also offers more effective IT resource planning thanks to highly comprehensive data analysis features.