Press Release

Druva Phoenix Network Backup v1.2 Released

New Delhi, India, April 30th, 2010

Druva Software best known for its flagship enterprise laptop backup offering Druva inSync, released v1.2 for its new server backup platform – Druva Phoenix. This is a second production release for the product.

Druva Phoenix is an enterprise class product for non-disruptive disk-to-disk backup for local and remote servers. It features simple backup, point-in-time restores and patent-pending deduplication technology to offer unmatched backup performance.

One of the key highlights of the product is the advanced global source based data deduplication technology. Within an enterprise, where over 80% of data is duplicated across different servers, Druva Phoenix uses unique global source based data deduplication technology to save only a single copy of data duplicated across servers, saving up to 90% backup time, bandwidth and storage.

The Phoenix product is especially designed for backup of remote/branch office servers. It includes features like data deduplication, WAN optimization and dynamic bandwidth prioritization which make the incremental backups almost invisible.

The new v1.2 release introduces following new features:

  • Advanced Dashboard – A new flash based interactive dashboard for both live and historic information
  • Media Based Backup – First initial synchronization through media
  • New Reporting – New detailed reports with 3D graphs and charts
  • New Improved Bare Metal Restore

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Druva Phoenix is currently available only for Windows environments. The product is suited for both medium and large enterprises and scales well for installations ranging from gigabytes to terabytes of data, involving mixed application environments.

The Road Ahead

Although the current release of Phoenix includes only a generic Windows based agent, the upcoming releases will include more application aware agents.

Maintaining its leadership in innovation for disk based backup, Phoenix also promises to facilitate easy replication of backed up data to an offsite location over simple IP based network. Data deduplication and WAN Optimization will ensure that data being replicated has low bandwidth utilizations.

Druva also recently revealed plans to launch a new storage engine called “Blackbird”. The new storage engine promises a new application aware sourced based data deduplication approach which eliminates data duplicates by understanding the composition, format and structure of data at the source. This approach offers about up to 60% better storage/bandwidth savings when compared to standard block based data deduplication approach especially while backing up Microsoft Exchange database and other complex data formats.