Press Release

Druva Introduces Data Loss Prevention for Laptops That is Quick to Deploy and Unobtrusive to Users, Delivering a 10 Times Reduction in Operating Costs

Mountain View, Calif. – May 17, 2011

Lightweight, Cost-Effective and Completely User Transparent, Druva SafePoint™ Offers File-level Encryption, Remote Data Wipe-out, and Pinpoint Device Trace.

Druva, a pioneer in enterprise laptop backup and retrieval, today announcedDruva SafePoint™,a data loss prevention (DLP) solution for laptop computers and other mobile devices that offers file-level encryption, NSA-class remote data wipe-out, and pinpoint device trace, at a price affordable for all businesses. Addressing staggering industry data-loss figures – over $49,000 in total economic impact for a lost or stolen laptop – SafePoint reduces those costs to the single cost of replacing the device and provisioning it for use. In addition, SafePoint has been proven to reduce total cost of operation – including purchase, deployment, and maintenance – by approximately 10 times in comparison with competitive data loss prevention offerings.

As first-order protection against data breaches, SafePoint allows file-level encryption of critical data on endpoints. Administrators can implement a simple yet effective policy to encrypt the files and folders that have been identified for backup. Encryption and decryption are completely transparent to end-users, requiring no additional steps or passwords. SafePoint leverages Windows’ Encrypting File System, which implements a 256-bit AES algorithm for file encryption.

“There are currently no companies in the laptop data protection market that can offer an effective backup and data loss prevention solution in a simple way. To implement a working solution, IT administrators are forced to patch multiple products together, therefore increasing the complexity,” said Deni Connor, founding analyst at Storage Strategies NOW. “Druva’s inSync SafePoint offers additional features to the inSync family of products that will provide a truly complete endpoint data protection solution. Druva offers a single interface, allowing companies to not only protect against the loss of sensitive data when a laptop is lost or stolen, but also prevent that data from being compromised by unauthorized sources.”

SafePoint further enables an administrator to “decommission” any device by initiating a remote data wipe-out operation to shred critical data on the lost or stolen device when itcomes online. The data delete operation, which meets NSA security standards, protects lost or stolen devices from data breach. Optionally, the administrator can set up a time-based auto delete trigger on devices to self-destruct of the device dataif the device does notconnect with the inSync server for a specified number of days. Administrators can set up alerts on the server to be notified of impending deletes.

Adding another layer of protection, SafePoint provides device trace information that determines the location of devices with accuracies of between 10 and 20 meters for enabled endpoints. To quickly and reliably derive accurate location results, SafePoint’s software-only solution collects raw data from Wi-Fi access points, GPS satellites and cell towers, using advanced hybrid positioning algorithms.

With SafePoint, Druva has addressed the complexity of traditional endpoint-protection technology that is either prohibitively expensive, complex to deploy and maintain, or difficult for mobile-device owners to use. It installs as an optional module on top of Druva’s inSync, the industry’s leading automated backup and restore solution.

  • Centralized management. SafePoint’s single, centralized management console for all endpoint data protection features vastly simplifies administrative requirements
  • Complete user transparency. Endpoint protection requires no user involvement, and encryption and decryption are automated
  • End user productivity. SafePoint’s unobtrusive, thin-client software is installed within the client agent andwith no user interaction, and has no effect on device operation or performance

“Our goal with SafePoint is to democratize data loss prevention,” said Jaspreet Singh, founder and CEO of Druva. “Organizations can’t afford to leave their vital intellectual property at risk. Nor can they justify the complexity and high operating costs of bloated enterprise software. With SafePoint, Druva has addressed both issues, and our early-adopter customers cite affordability and immediate deployability as their top gains.”

Interoperability with Druva inSync

For users of Druva inSync Enterprise or Druva inSync Cloud – Druva’s acclaimed device backup and restore utilities – SafePoint is an add-on module offering additional protection. Enterprises that deploy those offerings remain assured of continuous, remote backups of individual devices, while backups are performed automatically at any frequency and without user involvement – and with no effects on device performance. If a device is lost or stolen, SafePoint destroys the data on the device while inSync maintains all device backups, allowing administrators to restore the data to a new device rapidly and to reduce lost user productivity to a minimum.

Pricing and Availability

Druva SafePoint is generally available at the end of May and supports all Windows laptop computers. Full support for Mac clients as well as for mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android-based devices, and Blackberry devices will be announced during the year. Pricing is $12-$15 per endpoint per year. For more information, contact Druva at (408) 600-2783 or