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Druva Introduces App-Aware Dedupe in inSync v4

Santa Clara, CA, August 30th, 2010

“Simple. Fast & Scalable” – This is how Druva Software defined inSync v4 while announcing the release of the upgraded version of its flagship product. The release of inSync v4 marks the introduction of the keenly awaited, Ultra Fast and Scalable “Blackbird Storage Engine”. Druva inSync v4 also includes stunning new features like Application Aware Data Deduplication, highly interactive Web 2.0 based management console and offers stellar benefits like a 300% performance improvement for backups over inSync v3.

Druva inSync is laptop backup software designed for the mobile workforce. It uses application aware data deduplication and advanced file-fingerprinting technology to save only a single copy of content (documents/emails/attachments) duplicated across users. Where over 80-90% data is duplicated on PCs, within enterprises, inSync saves over 90% backup time, bandwidth and storage. With several other truly unique features, inSync has a very good customer following comprising names like NASA, Xerox, Emerson, Schlumberger, Brunswick, and MetLife among many others.

Highlights and Benefits of inSync v4

  • Ultra Fast, Incredibly Scalable and Lightweight
  • Application-Aware, Global Source-Based Data Deduplication
  • Laptop Backup for Mobile Workforce
  • Continuous Data Protection
  • Powerful Centralized Administration and Reporting

The new Blackbird storage engine supports up-to 16 TB de-duplication storage and up-to 200 parallel connections. Based on Embedded Oracle Database, it targets application aware deduplication as compared to current chunk based approach and provides significantly better bandwidth and storage utilization.

With the new inSync v4, it is now possible to achieve a 300% performance improvement for backups over inSync v3, using application aware data deduplication technology. Users can also now retain data for a long term at a very low back-up cost.

inSync v4 offers a stunning and interactive Web 2.0 based management console that enhances the centralized administration and reporting experience and allows the inSync v4 administrator to view live and historical data, presenting a wider perspective and better insight into backups. Detailed backup reports and instant alerts enhance protection for PCs.

Key Product Features and Useful Links

Some of the key features of the product include

  • Application Aware, Global Source Based Data Deduplication – 300% performance increase in backups over inSync v3 and 90% better bandwidth and storage utilization
  • Continuous Data Protection – Time based, from-the-past restores
  • Laptop Backup for Mobile Workforce – Better protection for remote and mobile workforce, automatic resumption of backup over weak networks using the new “Octopus” WAN Optimization Engine
  • Search Based Recovery – Faster search based file restores
  • Bare Metal Restore – Backup and restore complete PC
  • Simple Installation and Zero Maintenance – Installs in under 20 min
  • Powerful and Centralized administration and reporting using the new, interactive, web 2.0 based management console.

Some useful links

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