Press Release

Druva Insync Cloud Enables Enterprise-Wide Automated Client Deployments And Instant Provisioning Across Geographies

Mountain View, Calif. – Sept. 14, 2011

New Upgrades Deliver Instant Global Provisioning, Global Administration, Enterprise-Scale Security and High Availability

– Druva, a pioneer in enterprise end-point backup and retrieval, today announced enhancements to inSync Cloud, its fully-automated enterprise-grade laptop backup solution that offers secure, lightning-fast backups to a virtual private cloud powered by Amazon Web Services. The new enhancements that make inSync Cloud optimal for enterprise-wide global deployment are automatic mass deployment to global laptops, central management of policies and data across multiple global regions, and high availability, with 99.5% uptime and 99.99999% durability.

This latest release solves common IT backup challenges with an automated deployment feature that leverages utilities such as Active Directory, Microsoft SCCM and Casper (JAMF software) to instantly deploy inSync to global users without requiring their involvement. Backups then run automatically, securely protecting every user’s data. This latest release also allows administrators to instantly provision inSync Cloud across multiple global regions and manage global users and storage regions from a single Web console. Other enhancements include a new elastic cloud architecture that delivers higher availability through replication of instances across zones and on-demand storage expansion that enables enterprises to expand storage capacity and user numbers globally, with no limits.

“There are two major issues that should concern enterprises regarding backing up data stored on endpoint devices. First, users may interrupt scheduled backup processes at the first hint of their system being sluggish. The second is that current backup SaaS models offer little, if any, guarantee in terms of availability of data that has been backed up,” said Lauren Whitehouse senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Druva solved this issue by offering enhancements that allow IT managers to instantly push out backup policies transparently to endpoints that cannot be tampered with by users, and providing enterprise-scale SLAs.”

“The weak link in any laptop backup system has always been that most users don’t install backup programs and won’t remember to run them at regular intervals. When employees fail to back up data, enterprises risk losing critical data, customer goodwill, and even their competitive advantage,” said Jaspreet Singh, CEO of Druva. “With this release, we’re catering to enterprises with thousands of laptops spread across geographies that are struggling with how to keep their corporate data protected. Today we have the answer to this problem by combining instant mass provisioning with centralized global management, global deduplication, virtual private cloud, and enterprise-scale SLAs for continuous data protection and restores.”

Built for the Enterprise, Deployed in the Cloud
The new version of inSync Cloud includes additional enhancements and new features including:

    • Enterprise-scale SLAs to deliver continuous data protection and quick access and restore of data from a Web browser or mobile device (iPad/iPhone/Android).

  • Enhanced security with patent-pending distributed encryption key management, 256-bit AES encryption, secure HTTPS mode for server GUI, and strict data. compartmentalization using Cassandra keyspace, S3 buckets, and RDS access credentials.
  • Elastic scalability with a multi-tier architecture and multi-zone replication to support growth across any region.
  • High availability, 99.5% uptime, and 99.99999% durability.
  • Global deduplication across all users to minimize storage consumption and reduce costs
  • inSync SafePoint for the Cloud a data loss prevention add-on module with data encryption, device geo-location and auto/remote data wipe-off features to protect laptop data.
  • Multi-device access so a user can access files and folders from multiple devices using the inSync client application.
  • Administrator file downloads so an administrator can download user files and folders to any machine using a Web browser.

Pricing and Availability
The upgraded Druva inSync Cloud is available now. Pricing starts at $1 per GB of de-duplicated storage and $2 per user per month. inSync SafePoint for the Cloud is an additional $1 per machine per month.