Press Release

Druva inSync 2.0 Released

Sunnyvale, CA, June 26th, 2008

After keeping it beta for more than a month, Druva announced on June 26th the general availability of Druva inSync v2.0. The idea behind v2.0 is fast and bandwidth/storage efficient backup.

The much awaited release, brings two very interesting and unique features:

SendUnique – 10x Faster backup with 90% reduction in storage and bandwidth utilization.

Almost 80% of PC data (emails/docs) within an enterprise is common between users. SendUnique technology fingerprints the user’s backup set to send only one copy of data (emails/docs) common between different users to the backup server. This speeds up backup by almost 10 times and cut bandwidth usage by 90%.

Eternity – Never Lose a file. Ever.

Timeline based, from-the-past restore. Enables ultimate protection against data loss or virus attacks.

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