Press Release

Druva Announces Industry-First Cloud-Based Laptop Backup Solution with Enterprise-Scale Service Level Agreements and Application-Aware Data Deduplication


Mountain View, Calif.

First Enterprise Backup Solution to Offer Recovery Point and Time Objectives in Minutes, Ensure 100-Percent Accuracy in Data Deduplication, Solve the Bandwidth Bottleneck, Require No User Involvement, and Cause No Performance Penalties.

Druva, a pioneer in enterprise laptop backup and retrieval, today announced Druva inSync Cloud, a cloud-based, fully automated, enterprise backup solution to offer instant recovery of data from multiple, near-continuous restore points. As an on-demand offering, Druva inSync Cloud can be deployed rapidly, and enterprises and their users quickly benefit from patented application-aware deduplication and integral WAN optimization that result in 90-percent savings in bandwidth and storage. The application also guarantees 100-percent accuracy in deduplication for backups and restores, not only on individual laptops but on multiple copies of the same data block that may exist on multiple laptops.

Druva inSync Cloud is designed for enterprises that value laptop data protection but need to avoid the complexity and management challenges of conventional data-protection solutions. The application can be deployed for individual users or groups in minutes and once deployed, runs entirely as a background process; it requires no user involvement. Backups are instantaneous and have no affect on laptop performance. With the announcement of inSync Cloud, Druva overcomes a challenge, cited by 73 percent of laptop users across industries, that “intrusive backups” create a major obstacle to personal productivity. The solution also guarantees stringent service-level agreements for availability and durability of backed-up data. The data from any point in the past can be accessed instantaneously over the Internet for a laptop PC, smartphone or tablet and restored in minutes.

“The biggest issues plaguing endpoint data backup is that the responsibility to complete backups can fall on the endpoint user, solutions don’t take remote workers into consideration, and the process can be disruptive to endpoint user productivity,” said Lauren Whitehouse, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “The Druva inSync Cloud SaaS offering addresses these issues by providing policy control to administrators and scheduling control to endpoint users, and optimizing WAN transfer with application-aware deduplication. Druva further differentiates its solution with SLA guarantees for performance and data availability.”

Druva’s patented deduplication technology reduces bandwidth and storage requirements by backing up only unique copies of a file. “That’s important because bandwidth is the biggest bottleneck for cloud-based backups,” said Jaspreet Singh, CEO of Druva. “A company should not be penalized for its storage growth. We’re taking aim at out-of-control bandwidth requirements and storage costs with Druva InSync Cloud.”

Druva inSync Cloud also addresses customer concerns for data security. Customer data is stored on Amazon Web Services’ cloud platform, a highly secure, reliable and robust global technology infrastructure serving hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. In addition, Druva’s military-grade 256-bit SSL network encryption secures data in flight, and 256-bit AES encryption secures data at rest on the storage server. Furthermore, backups are client-triggered, meaning that the backup server accepts only inbound backup or restore requests and never sends outbound requests.

As with Druva’s on-premises-based inSync Enterprise Laptop backup and restore offering, inSync Cloud delivers on Druva’s “unbreakable backup” pledge, which ensures that backups will succeed even over the weakest WAN links, regardless of real-world network limitations. As IT departments can now deliver complete, highly scalable cloud-based endpoint protection, they can prevent loss of intellectual property in files that have been created on individual laptops and make those files available throughout the enterprise.

Pricing and Availability

Druva inSync Cloud is available now. Pricing starts at $100 per 100GB of deduplicated data per month. For more information, contact Druva at (408) 600-2783 or