Press Release

Druva Announces Enterprise Laptop Backup Solution That Delivers 10-Times-Faster Backup and 90 Percent Reduction in Storage


Mountain View, Calif. – February 10, 2011

Application-Aware Deduplication Achieves 100 Percent Accuracy, Makes Backup and Retrieval Nearly Instantaneous, and Supports All Laptops – as Well as iPads and iPhones.

Druva, a pioneer in enterprise data backup and retrieval, today announced Druva inSync 4.1 Enterprise, an industry-first application that delivers near-instantaneous automated backups of laptop computers – ten times the speed of competitive offerings – while enabling simple one-click restores of any file or backup volume. The application also provides guaranteed 100 percent accuracy in deduplication for backups and restores.

With Druva inSync, Druva uniquely addresses an unresolved industry challenge: 73 percent of laptop users cite “intrusive backups” as a major obstacle to their productivity. Druva inSync systematically tackles issues common in the enterprise, ensuring quick time-to-productivity and making comprehensive, enterprise-wide laptop backup a reality.

  • Eliminates installation challenges: With Druva inSync, laptop upgrades to install the inSync client software are “pushed” to users, and no user involvement or IT support is required. On the IT side, server setup requires 20 minutes or less, ensuring quick time-to-deployment.
  • Overcomes complex backup processes: With Druva inSync, backups occur as a background process, require no user intervention and have no effect on laptop performance. Employing patented application-aware deduplication, inSync reduces backup-file sizes by 90 percent, delivering 10-times-faster backup than competing backup products.
  • Eliminates loss of unrecoverable files: Druva inSync restores any or all selected archived files with a single mouse click – not only on laptops but also on PCs, Macs, iPads and iPhones.

Druva inSync is also a boon to IT departments. While improving backup times by a factor of ten, Druva’s application-aware deduplication also enables a single storage server to serve up to ten times as many users as competing solutions. As a result, enterprises can slash storage expenses and maximize ROI. Furthermore, Druva’s “unbreakable backup” pledge ensures that backups will succeed even over the weakest WAN links, regardless of real-world network limitations. And because IT departments can now deliver complete enterprise endpoint protection, they can prevent loss of intellectual property in files that have been created on individual laptops and make those files available throughout the enterprise.

Designed and Optimized for Laptops

Druva inSync Enterprise overcomes the shortcomings of existing, server-based solutions developed for enterprise tape backup and adapted for laptops, which often have compromises in features, functionality or performance. It also overcomes the risks of cloud-based backup solutions, which lack centralized IT control and often present security and compliance concerns. With Druva inSync – designed and optimized specifically for laptop backup – users can continue their work without interruption or compromises in performance, IT retains full control of network performance and full endpoint security is guaranteed.

With Druva inSync Enterprise, the company has addressed an escalating global challenge: corporate data loss has grown 260 percent annually since 2009. “Exacerbating the challenge, over 28 percent of all corporate data resides exclusively on laptop computers, and a staggering 17 percent of those laptops lose data that cannot be recovered,” said Jaspreet Singh, cofounder and CEO of Druva. “A late-2010 report sponsored by Intel estimated the cost of a lost laptop computer – aggregating the costs of lost business data, time and hardware – at $25,000. Understanding the risks to enterprises and their staffs, Druva determined that it would provide tools enterprises can deploy rapidly to reduce the number of unrecoverable files to zero. Druva inSync is the result of our vision and efforts.”

Early Customer Traction

“We needed a reliable backup tool in case of unrecoverable Microsoft Windows crashes, lost laptops, damaged hard disks or virus outbreaks,” said Hans Vermaak, project lead, Xerox Corporation. “Today we’re realizing great savings on storage with Druva inSync, and we now have visibility into the information assets created by our employees. And employees say they are pleased that inSync protects their work as it operates in the background, that it has no effect on laptop performance and that they can retrieve backup files rapidly from any point in the past.”

“Backing up data on edge devices presents a bandwidth challenge, especially for remote and mobile workers who transmit backup data over long distances. Deduplication helps, but the processing required could be disruptive to performance or the endpoint user’s experience,” said Lauren Whitehouse, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Druva inSync’s application-aware deduplication, combined with its innovative approach to performance guarantees through WAN optimization and seamless scalability, gives the company an edge in overcoming the typical pain points for endpoint backup and recovery, as well as in winning versus other solutions in the market.”

Rapid Deployment Across the Enterprise

InSync’s rapid deployment and seamless scalability enable small and midsize enterprises to institute an automated backup methodology for thousands of users in a matter of hours. Druva inSync consists of the inSync Enterprise Server and the inSync client, which together deliver transparent, nonintrusive backups; opportunistic scheduling according to availability of bandwidth; high scalability; integral encryption and an intuitive graphical interface to monitor and manage backups.

inSync Enterprise Server runs on a dedicated server and easily scales to serve terabytes of enterprise data. The server accepts backup and restore requests on published IP addresses using a 256-byte SSL-encrypted channel and stores them locally on 256-bit AES encrypted storage. The server also offers intelligent user and storage capacity management, enabling the administrator to create and control centralized backup policies. Advanced reporting provides alerts as required, as well as reports of server health and user statistics. Up to 2,000 laptops are supportable on a single license.
inSync Enterprise Client is a host-based soft driver installed on the laptop. It can be installed by users in less than 20 minutes with a simple five-step procedure. Its client-triggered backup architecture enables high levels of scalability and security. It also incorporates a powerful WAN optimizer to automatically prioritize network bandwidth and schedule backup bandwidth as a percentage of overall network bandwidth. Application-aware data deduplication eliminates duplicate data and delivers up to 10-times-higher backup speeds than competitive offerings, guaranteed 100 percent accuracy, and 90 percent savings in bandwidth and storage.

Pricing and Availability

Druva inSync is available now. Pricing starts at $40 per inSync client. A single inSync server license supports up to 2,000 users. The inSync iPad and iPhone application is included; it supports the iOS3 and 4.x operating systems, and will support future operating systems. Volume discounts are available. For more information, contact Druva at (408) 600-2783 or