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Druva Announces Advanced Anomaly Detection Capabilities for Enterprises to Gain an Edge on Ransomware

New capabilities enable comprehensive approach to detect, respond and recover against attacks

Druva, the leader in cloud data protection and information management, today announced new monitoring and detection capabilities designed to proactively alert organizations to suspicious data activities triggered by potentially malicious threats. With these new enhancements, Druva’s data protection platform now offers enterprises a comprehensive solution to manage business data threats, like ransomware, from detection to recovery.

Ransomware is one of the most pressing security issues facing today’s enterprises and one of the highest priorities for IT to address. The U.S. Department of Justice has reported that an average of 4,000 ransomware attacks occur in the United States each day. As the proliferation of ransomware continues, enterprises must contain and mitigate attacks with data management and information governance strategies that bring greater visibility into data anomalies.

“Ransomware is one of the most insidious threats to private and business data to date, and even if a victim decides to pay, there’s no guarantee they’ll actually get the data back,” said Steven Hill, Senior Storage Analyst for 451 Research. “The smart solution for minimizing the impact of ransomware is a data protection model that combines granular file recovery capabilities with a mechanism for identifying and reporting suspicious behaviors on protected endpoints as soon as possible. This holds true for the vast majority of both accidental and malicious causes of data loss.”


These new enhancements continually assess the unique characteristics of file changes and their types—assessing abnormal deletions, unusual file modifications and updates, and identifying atypically large numbers of file creations, all of which can be indicative of a malicious event. In the case of such event, Druva will also pinpoint the last safest snapshot to recover from so enterprises can recover their data with the highest degree of confidence. In doing so, and alerting IT when such an event occurs, businesses are better equipped to minimize the potential risk to the organization that can range from data loss to financial impact in fines, sanctions or damaged reputation. Combined with a full suite of data protection capabilities, Druva enables customers to better detect, respond and recover from events that could be potentially catastrophic.

“Druva has a unique spot in the enterprise information management space. We manage the lifecycle of the data, and we are well positioned to provide enterprises with insights that nobody else can offer. From the prediction of a problem, to the detection of a specific issue, and then recovery of the complete set of data, Druva ensures complete protection,” said Jaspreet Singh, CEO of Druva. “Customers can bank on Druva for data protection with unmatched anomaly detection and complete recovery capabilities.”

Enhanced features include:

  • Automated alerts and insights: Druva alerts IT administrators when unusual data activity occurs across desktops, laptops, mobile devices and cloud applications, giving them the ability to quickly remediate and prevent potential security threats.
  • Anomaly detection overview: A comprehensive set of trending charts and visualizations that track data activity and quickly identify catalysts of unusual behavior within data.
  • Transparent view into data: Access to granular per-user details such as file name, path, type, etc. to understand specifically what files are potentially at risk.
  • Foolproof recovery: Easily identify the last known good snapshot and recover the entire data set or individual files as needed.

These enhanced features will be available within the next 60 days to all Druva customers. To learn more visit

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