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Druva and DISCO Unveil New Solution to Cut Time Required for eDiscovery in Half

First-Ever End-to-End eDiscovery Solution Delivers Unprecedented Speed, Scale and Efficiencies and Reduces Risk of Spoliation

Druva, the leader in converged data protection, and DISCO, the leading provider of software as a service eDiscovery solutions, today announced a new joint solution that reduces the overall time taken to conduct discovery in half. Together, the companies announced they have expanded their respective data protection and discovery platforms to move the end-to-end eDiscovery process entirely to the public cloud.  Specifically, the two providers built and certified direct transfer of cloud-to-cloud data captured from mobile devices, endpoints and cloud applications by Druva inSync for direct ingestion into DISCO’s eDiscovery platform. This new process solves several customer pain points by ensuring no data on legal hold travels over unprotected networks, all data hand-offs are eliminated, chain of custody is safeguarded and the risk of data spoliation is greatly reduced – a common, and often costly, mishap in eDiscovery.

Companies require eDiscovery as part of legal activities both for and against them; preparing for cases typically requires days, if not weeks, of collecting and preserving data across business operations.  Once data is collected, it must be imported into another system for analysis and review, requiring the shipment of disks and tapes on other media to transfer the data—a process ripe for data corruption. This data preparation process is time-consuming and costly, typically accounting for up to a quarter of the overall cost associated with eDiscovery. Combining Druva inSync’s ability to proactively collect end-user data from across the enterprise together with DISCO’s cloud eDiscovery system allows the data transfer and ingestion process to be executed in mere minutes.  The data transfer happens completely in the cloud, system to system, leveraging the elasticity only the public cloud can provide. This eliminates network impact, risky manual transfers and shrinks the time associated with this process to mere hours versus weeks.  Once ingestion is complete, DISCO’s native cloud eDiscovery platform can provide up to a 14x reduction in analysis and review time, compared to legacy systems in the space.

“The challenge with eDiscovery is the burden it puts on an organization’s resources to efficiently collect data and reach a point of understanding it in a timely manner. This process is more and more complicated by growing data volumes, which increasingly reside in cloud services and on mobile devices. Together with DISCO, Druva is solving this headache for our customers,” said Dave Packer, Vice President of Product Marketing at Druva. “Moving to a 100 percent cloud-native strategy and taking a proactive stance for eDiscovery collection and preservation of company data significantly reduces the overall time and cost. Working with DISCO to provide this solution is a win-win for everyone.”

“By moving the full eDiscovery process to the cloud, organizations gain a significant advantage to reducing collection and processing times, ultimately reducing the heavy cost burden and data risk so commonly faced today. This new approach to handling data for eDiscovery enables the business to focus more on the matter at hand, removing the traditional complexities of data transfer, infrastructure scaling and slow ingestion time that put organizations at both a cost and strategic disadvantage,” said Neil Etheridge, Vice President at DISCO.

Together, Druva and DISCO enable organizations to significantly reduce the time required for:

  • Data collection and preservation – Druva inSync proactively collects and manages company data across an organization’s laptops, desktops, mobile devices, as well as its cloud applications, such as Office 365, keeping it at-the-ready for when a legal need arises. Within seconds, data can be placed on legal hold and ready for transfer to the DISCO platform.  Time savings are estimated to be 95 percent over a manual process.
  • Data transfer and ingestion – Druva inSync and DISCO are both native cloud, leveraging the proven infrastructure of Amazon Web Services. Since both share a common infrastructure, data transfer is quickly and securely transmitted within the Amazon cloud. This negates sending data over an insecure network or the process of sending data by physical media. It also maintains a critical clear chain of custody. Given the huge cloud-to-cloud network capacity common to AWS data regions, time savings are estimated to be from 30-55 percent, depending on from what region data is transferred.
  • Data review – With high-speed ingestion from Druva inSync, unconstrained by the legacy challenges of limited compute and fixed infrastructure, DISCO makes data available for analysis and review faster. With its highly optimized solution leveraging the elasticity of the cloud, DISCO can reduce the overall downstream eDiscovery process times by 14x.

“Companies today must carefully consider costs associated with eDiscovery and aggressively seek ways to minimize and reduce those costs as much as possible. Time is of the essence and lowering the risk associated with that time is critical to overall success,” said Sean Doherty, analyst at 451 Research. “Moving the end-to-end eDiscovery process to the cloud reduces complexity and facilitates access to potential evidence by all litigants that can amount to significant cost reductions and provide positive business results.”

Cloud-based eDiscovery is available today from Druva and DISCO.  Integration with DISCO is included as part of the Druva inSync Elite subscription at no additional charge. DISCO is available based on how much data is supported per month.

To hear more from Druva and DISCO, join a webinar on Wednesday, June 22, “Cut End-to-End eDiscovery Time in Half: Leveraging the Cloud to Speed eDiscovery.”

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