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Web UI Developer - WD2017

Role : Web -UI Developer

Experience : 3-8 years

Key Skills:

  • Preferably 3-8 years of experience in developing UI layer of web applications using latest web technologies.
  • Proficient in JavaScript (ES6), HTML 5, CSS3, AJAX, JSON etc.
  • Good understanding of building web pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc from UX design. 
  • Hands on experience in client side front end language using JavaScript or any other framework built on top of JavaScript like jQuery, AngularJS, KnockoutJS etc. 
  • Python as a programming language is preferable. 
  • Sound debugging skills using tools like browser's developer tools, Sublime/Atom, Fiddler, WireShark etc. 
  • Should be a self-starter and able to demonstrate good learnability. The project uses a number of technologies and frameworks. 
  • He/she should be able to learn and contribute in an individual contributor capacity.

Roles and Responsibilities: As part of a development team, the resources are expected to take the following responsibilities: 

  • Develop web applications using Javascript, HTML, CSS and Python.
  • Work with other developers on the Druva development team on the implementation of common frameworks and solutions.
  • Work with the Druva development team to support and maintain existing production code in the field and develop , deliver new enhancements & products.
  • Take end to end responsibility of tasks/modules/feature assigned from understanding the requirement, designing, implementation and developer testing.
  • Work with the UX designers and analyze the specs for implementation feasibility etc.
  • Stay current on new technologies as they relate to web-based application development.

Please send your resume to Please indicate the position you are interested in and your full name on the subject line (e.g. “Web UI Developer - WD2017 – Your Name”).