The amount of corporate data is doubling every 14 months. The number of end users is constantly growing. You need more than just a complete solution for the data protection challenges of today. You need a future-proof solution that can scale on demand to meet those of tomorrow. Only Druva can do that.


Growth of corporate data year over year.

Architecture Designed For Scalability


Druva enables you to scale flexibly and seamlessly with scalable architecture that provides on-demand storage in any geographic location. For cloud deployment deployment, inSync provides elastic, on-demand storage across multiple regions in the world. For private cloud deployment, inSync provides linearly scalable architecture with any number of geographically distributed storage nodes.

Storage That Scales Seamlessly

Druva provides massively scalable storage that is cost-effective and easy to manage. Dynamic load balancing takes into account factors like network and storage load to automatically balance load within administrator-defined storage locations. In on premise deployments, support for object storage lets you deploy inSync on commodity hardware and easily scale both vertically and horizontally.

Meets Your Needs, No Matter How Large

Druva backup solutions provide straightforward and streamlined, centralized management. You can easily deploy and manage inSync for many users with integrated mass deployment, which saves up to 75% in deployment time by eliminating custom scripting, while tight AD integration simplifies user configuration. Our managed services option provides end-to-end deployment and management with 24/7 support.

High Performance Without Compromise

To ensure high-performance backup and restore for all organizations—even the largest enterprises—Druva employs global deduplication. By deduplicating data globally across large numbers of users and data, Druva reduces bandwidth and storage requirements by up to 90%. HyperCache enables deduplication to scale with predictive server-side caching of deduplication index. This can mean the difference between completing a backup of data for one of your road warriors on a low bandwidth connection, or finishing a backup of a remote file server during an off peak backup window.

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