The mobile workforce is here to stay, and you need to respond to the data protection challenges presented by mobile users who create large amounts of data, store data across devices, and connect to varied networks. Druva inSync, rated #1 by leading analysts, lets you protect data on laptops and mobile devices wherever and whenever your users work.

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Protect your data in the wild

Druva is an effective solution that completely
meets IT expectations."

- Rajesh Kumar Sharma
   Assistant Manager, PwC

Never worry about unprotected data

Protect data wherever, whenever

To ensure successful, non-disruptive backups, even over weak WiFi or cellular data connections, inSync optimizes data transfer based on network quality. Users can work without interruption, and data is continuously protected.

mobile data access

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80% reduction in data transfer

With 80% of corporate data duplicated across users, inSync employs global deduplication to prevent unnecessary transfer of the same data. Backups require up to 80% less bandwidth and take place faster than traditional solutions, the perfect match for a mobile workforce.

Prevent data breach and leakage

inSync provides comprehensive data protection by integrating high-performance endpoint backup with data loss prevention—including remote wipe, geo-location, and device encryption. No matter what happens to devices, your corporate data is protected.

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Enhance Productivity, While Keeping Data Secure

Provide 24/7 data access

Maximize user productivity with instant data access from laptops, smartphones, and tablets. With inSync, a user can begin working on a document on his laptop and then continue editing it on his phone, and all data is continuously protected.

Facilitate user collaboration

Enable users to easily share data within and outside your organization with secure file sharing that's integrated with backup. It’s IT-managed, so you have full visibility over all sharing activity and can easily regulate sharing permissions.

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Gain Visibility & Control Over Your Data

Regulate data usage and activity

With inSync, you never have to wonder whether a user has completed a backup or which devices are accessing corporate data—all that information is at your fingertips. Centralized management and data governance provide full visibility into data use in your organization.

Simplify data governance

inSync backs up all endpoint data to a central store, making it easy for you to engage in e-discovery and proactively govern data for compliance purposes, no matter where users create and store their data.

 mobile data access
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