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The rise of the mobile workforce has led to a decline in IT visibility and access, making eDiscovery a costly, time-consuming process. #1 rated inSync is the only data availability and governance solution that delivers a simple, integrated eDiscovery system for the enterprise.

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Reclaim Control Over Your Distributed Data

Capture end user data anywhere

inSync was designed to protect data for the mobile workforce with seamless data capture across all devices and cloud applications. Running silently in the background, inSync collects distributed data to a central repository, securing your data against loss and breach while giving IT full visibility.

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Easily locate data across devices and in the cloud

With centralized mobile data access, organizations can use inSync’s federated search to identify the location of data — on which device or cloud application and even its geographic location.

Continuous data protection

inSync’s continuous data protection saves snapshots of files over time, enabling organizations to easily locate previous file versions as well as files that have been deleted or belonged to employees who are no longer with the company.


Quickly Respond to Legal Holds

Preserve in place with legal holds

inSync enables IT to quickly respond to their legal department inquiries. After identifying custodians via federated search or list import, organizations can place legal holds on collected data, suspending retention policies and preserve the content in place — ensuring it remains securely stored and immutable until it needs to be reviewed.

Expose held data for eDiscovery system ingestion

When legal is ready to transfer held data into an eDiscovery system, inSync provides legal administrator access to review held data and expose it for ingestion over the network. In a few quick steps, the downstream legal process of review and tagging can begin.

Cut Time Required for eDiscovery in Half

inSync is the first to enable complete end-to-end cloud-based eDiscovery, allowing organizations to cut the eDiscovery process time by more than 50%. With eDiscovery in the cloud, custodian data never travels over unprotected networks, only a single intracloud handoff is needed, chain of custody is maintained and the risk of spoliation is significantly reduced. Ultimately, organizations eliminate the traditional complexities of data transfer, infrastructure scaling and slow ingestion times that have afflicted their legal expense.


Regulate Data Use for Compliance

Control data activity with policies

With inSync, IT can ensure compliance by establishing granular policy controls for data collection, access, and sharing. Administrators can set policies individually or for groups of similar users to control how often collection occurs, whether users can access data from personal devices, whether they can share data outside the organization, and more.

Sheila Childs of Gartner discusses successful data governance strategy.

Monitor all aspects of data usage

As a system used extensively by regulated businesses, inSync keeps full audit trails to the content that is stored and accessed within the system. These audit trails include all end-user and IT administrator activity and are tamper-proof to ensure proper information management procedures were followed.


"With Druva we can tell people quickly where data is, how it is protected, how it is integrated, and, more importantly, if it is up to date."

- Bruce Sherman,
Senior Associate, Top Global Management Consulting Firm

"With Druva we can tell people quickly where data is, how it is protected, how it is integrated, and, more importantly, if it is up to date."

- Bruce Sherman,
Senior Associate, Top Global Management Consulting Firm

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