The Leader in Cloud Data Protection & Information Management

Druva Offers a Single Glass of Pane to Protect, Preserve and Discover Your Business Critical Information

Legacy Druva

Leveraging the public cloud, Druva uses a highly efficient backup engine to create a single, secure golden copy of business data. Unlike legacy products, data is instantly accessible across any point in time, enabling immediate recovery, deep analytics and search capabilities. Because of this, organizations gain greater value from their data, and address their availability, legal and compliance needs, all without incurring the overhead and expense of additional infrastructure.

Protect: Efficient Cloud Backup Across Your Distributed Data

Endpoint Data Protection

Backup, recovery and security for end-user data and application setttings on laptops, smart phones and tablets

Ransomware & Malware Recovery

Flexible file-level restores across end-user sources to return compromised data to its original state

Remote Office Data Protection

Globally manage backup and recovery of physical file and database servers

Cloud Application Backup & Recovery

Backup and recovery for end-user data in cloud apps (Office 365, Google Apps for Work and Box)

VM Backup and Management

High speed backup and recovery of virtual machines with easy replication & management for Test & Development

Disaster Recovery (DRaaS)

Immediate failover for virtual machines, in the cloud, with RTO in minutes

Preserve: Simplify Retention, Legal Preservation Needs

Server Data Retention and Archiving

Long term storage of server data, cost optimized, to meet business archiving and legal needs

Legal Data Collection

Proactive collection and preservation of end user data across sources to loss and corruption risks

User Data Archiving

Hold data for as long as it’s needed across end-user devices and cloud apps, even after they depart the organization

Discover: Gain greater insight across enterprise data

Data Insights/Analytics

Unified, global visibility of servers provides insights to assess risk and recoverability at a moment’s notice

Search and Audit

Fast, deep-text-searching and identification of information across all users, devices and storage locations

Automated Compliance Monitoring

Proactively monitor, identify and remediate data risks across all end-users for compliance