CIO's Essential Checklist for Cloud Backup

Storing and backing up data in the cloud can bring your company agility and elasticity, but first you need to address the basics of cloud backup, including data encryption, access control, uptime and availability.

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

Enterprise Data Privacy Readiness Test

Is your company prepared to ensure the security and privacy of its data? Check out these four aspects that we think deserve a bit more consideration.

Solution: Secure Enterprise Mobility

Quantifying the Business Impact of Enterprise Endpoint Backup

A recent Forrester study reveals that top companies are leveraging enterprise endpoint backup to drive business objectives. This infographic shows how organizations improved compliance, efficiency and IT productivity while bringing in 195% ROI and saving up to $3.8 million.

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

Rise and Risk of BYOD

Each year, 70 million mobile devices are lost or stolen, and only 7% of those devices are recovered. With an increasing number of professionals accessing corporate data from their personal devices, your company’s data could be at risk.

Solution: Data Protection for BYOD

Rising Mobility and its Risks: Are CIOs in Peril?

This infographic illustrates the mounting pressure created by today’s increasingly complex information environment to repair the cracks in your governance strategy.

Solution: Mobile Workforce Data Protection

Security Breaches Are On The Rise, But Preventable

Recent research validates what most security professionals already know - security breaches are on the rise. However, what may be news to them is that some 92% of security breaches are actually avoidable!

Solution: Secure Enterprise Mobility

The Growth of Corporate Data

The volume of corporate data is exploding. Worldwide corporate data now doubles every 14 months and will reach 10.5 ZB by 2020. How and why is corporate data increasing so rapidly?

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

The Rise of Phoenix

Introducing Phoenix, a radically simple unified cloud backup and archiving solution for remote servers.

Solution: Cloud Backup For Remote Offices

The State of Corporate Mobile Data

28% of corporate data resides exclusively on laptops, tablets, and smartphones, but 93% of companies do not backup mobile devices. See how today's corporate mobile data is at risk of loss and breach.

Solution: Mobile Workforce Data Protection

The State of Data Privacy in 2015

A recent Druva-sponsored study by Dimensional Research shows that concern for data privacy is increasing among IT while cloud adoption accelerates. Is your organization ready?

Solution: Secure Enterprise Mobility

Where in the World is Your Corporate Data?

The landscape of IT management is changing. Recent studies show that in the next five years, IT departments can expect to see a marked expansion in quantity and types of data, and more employees accessing company data from their personal devices and on networks outside the corporate firewall.

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup