Modern DR, Backup & Archival,
Built from the Cloud Up

Modern DR, Backup & Archival, Built from the Cloud Up

Druva Phoenix

Converged DR, Backup & Archival for physical and virtual infrastructure built on Druva’s secure, enterprise trusted, high-performance cloud platform – running on AWS.

Enjoy the efficiencies of centralized, easy-to-use management of physical or virtual server data, without the need for error-prone and heavily manual approaches. With Phoenix, data can be stored indefinitely with limitless snapshots and flexible retention policies, while at the same time significantly lowering your backup and archival costs.

Public Cloud Scale and Security

Traditional backup infrastructure can have any number of limitations related to processing and storing data. Druva’s cloud architecture scales elastically to support any workload while natively leveraging AWS storage technologies such as S3 and Glacier. Cloud security is no longer a concern: an unbeatable security model guarantees data privacy under any circumstance.

The Industry’s Best Deduplication

Storing data in the cloud requires an architecture of data management that is designed for bandwidth challenged locations. By globally deduplicating all data on the client side, Druva Phoenix optimizes available bandwidth for sending data to the cloud. By deduplicating all incoming data against all previous data in your environment, backups can happen quickly.

All Servers – One Solution

In today’s backup market, some vendors excel at physical server backup while others focus on virtualized environments. By bridging both physical and virtual, Phoenix is ideal for protecting all of your server workloads.

Radically Lower TCO

With its cloud-first approach and infinitely flexible retention policies, Phoenix delivers significantly better TCO than traditional solutions. Its straightforward “pay for what you use” pricing model, means you can efficiently retain data for as long as you need, with lower rates charged for archived data. Backup data is durably stored in Amazon S3, with archives seamlessly created in Glacier based on customer defined retention policies. Phoenix is long term storage even your CFO will love.

  • No Hardware Cost (Hardware, Maintenance, Tapes)
  • No Tape Vaulting Service Fees
  • Low Software Cost Based on Source Data

What Our Customers Say About It


“Now we can restore in a few hours versus a few days. It’s much more efficient and very easy to administer.”

— Jose Ortiz, Lead Systems Administrator
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“[Phoenix is] simple…it’s one of the most straightforward products out there. It does what it says.”

— Mark Partridge, Global Infrastructure Services Director
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“Deploying Phoenix was really easy — I didn’t have to do hardly anything. I dropped the client on my server and I feel like I just walked away.”

— Ryan Buck, Network Administrator

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