All-In-One Backup, Archival and Disaster Recovery In The Cloud


Druva Phoenix is the industry’s first public cloud solution to converge backup, archival and disaster recovery. Phoenix simplifies data protection and enables businesses to protect and manage enterprise infrastructure efficiently and effectively.

Enjoy the efficiencies of centralized, easy-to-use management of physical or virtual server data, without the need for error-prone and heavily manual approaches. With Phoenix, data can be stored indefinitely with limitless snapshots and flexible retention policies, while at the same time significantly lowering your backup and archival costs.

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How It Works

Your Company’s Data

Protects both physical and virtual servers.

Elastic Cloud Platform

Scales to support any workload while natively leveraging automated tiered storage.

Storage Tiering

Hot, warm & cold snapshots that combine DR, Backup and Archival.

Unified Dashboard

Unified Dashboard

See health and status of servers that you manage, wherever those servers reside.

Your Company’s Data

Elastic Cloud Platform

Storage Tiering


Unified Dashboard

Backup & Recovery

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Disaster Recovery

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Test & Dev

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Public Cloud Native Infrastructure

Phoenix enables enterprises to achieve both global reach and leverage AWS’ vast elastic compute resources to quickly recover from a disaster, corrupt/lost data or manage and replicate virtual machines for test and dev purposes. Learn More

The Industry’s Best Deduplication

By globally deduplicating all data on the client side, Druva Phoenix dramatically reduces the storage and bandwidth requirements for sending data to the cloud. Learn More

Auto Archiving Without the Overhead and Cost

Data is automatically optimized between storage tiers to minimize costs and eliminate manual and error-prone processes.

Caching for Extended Performance Needs

Phoenix CloudCache provides local data caching to achieve LAN speed backup and recovery for meeting aggressive RTO/RPO requirements.

A Single Streamlined Solution

Phoenix’s converged approach to data protection enables businesses to significantly lower their costs by bringing together multiple data protection workloads into a single, highly storage-optimized data set.

What Our Customers Say About It


“Now we can restore in a few hours versus a few days. It’s much more efficient and very easy to administer.”

— Jose Ortiz, Lead Systems Administrator
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“[Phoenix is] simple…it’s one of the most straightforward products out there. It does what it says.”

— Mark Partridge, Global Infrastructure Services Director
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“Deploying Phoenix was really easy — I didn’t have to do hardly anything. I dropped the client on my server and I feel like I just walked away.”

— Ryan Buck, Network Administrator

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