A Radically Different Approach
to Server Backup and Archival

The Druva Phoenix Solution

Unified server backup and archival built on Druva’s secure, enterprise trusted,
high-performance cloud platform.

Enjoy the efficiencies of centralized, easy-to-use management of hot, warm and cold backups, without the need for outdated, error-prone and heavily manual approaches. With Phoenix, data can be stored indefinitely with limitless snapshots and flexible retention policies, while at the same time significantly lowering your backup costs.

Significantly Lower TCO

With its cloud-first approach and infinitely flexible retention policies, Phoenix delivers significantly better TCO than traditional solutions. Its straightforward “pay for what you use” pricing model, means you can retain data for as long as you need, with none of the surprising restore fees charged by other vendors. Phoenix is long term storage even your CFO will love.

  • No Hardware Cost (Hardware, Maintenance, Tapes)

  • No Tape Vaulting Service Fees

  • Low Software Cost Based on Source Data

TechFlow backs up servers to the cloud
bringing down IT costs

Now we can restore in a few hours versus a few days. It’s much more efficient and very easy to administer."

Jose Ortiz, TechFlow

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