Druva's remote server backup is designed for remote offices with backup protection optimized over WAN, multi-platform backup agents, strong enterprise security, and centralized administration. It offers continuous data protection while providing IT with simplified management.

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Multiple File Servers and Databases

Druva's remote server backup features specific agents for backing up the following file servers and databases:

  • Windows File Server (VSS)
  • Linux File Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL Server data

WAN optimization

Optimized for Remote Servers

With fast and non-intrusive backups, Druva's remote server backup provides continuous protection of server data, even over weak networks.

  • Global, source-based data deduplication saves over 90% bandwidth and storage requirements
  • WAN optimization engine calculates optimal packet size for best use of available bandwidth
  • Smart bandwidth and CPU throttling prevent backups from interfering with other processes

Enterprise security

Enterprise-grade Security for 360° Data Protection

Druva's remote server backup provides secure transfer of data over LAN or WAN and end-to-end security to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Agent-initiated network connections offer a SSL secure one-way connection to the backup server
  • 256-bit SSL encryption data in transit
  • 256-bit AES encryption for data in storage
  • Unique security certificates generated during installation provide enhanced security

inSync advanced data insights

Simplified, Centralized Administration

The ease of configuration and management of Druva's remote server backup makes it simple for IT to manage backup schedules and policies.

  • Quick installation and configuration make setup easy for administrators
  • Interactive dashboard with advanced multi-admin facility
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics provide advanced insights