Mobile data protection is an integral component of any organization’s BYOD policy and is available for iOS (iPad, iPhone) and Android devices. inSync’s mobile data protection enables organizations to protect enterprise smartphones and tablets with backup and data loss prevention.

Mobile Data Security Software

Embrace BYOD with Policy Management

Users can instantly self-deploy the inSync mobile app on any of their devices using just their user ID and password, without requiring IT involvement.

  • Administrators can require device registration, enable data loss prevention, and configure for backup
  • Mobile policies reside centrally in the same user profile for easy IT management
  • Mobile security policies include PIN enforcement, disabling downloads, and configuring which apps can access corporate data within inSync

Give Users Mobile Access to All Their Data

You can enable your users to access their data on any device they own (laptops, tablets, etc.) from any mobile device anywhere, anytime.

  • Multi-device data is organized by devices and by time-based snapshots (organized by Today, This Week, and Earlier)
  • Users can select any of their devices to access files from that device.
  • Integrated file sharing allows users to collaborate as well as access all their synced and shared files on the go

Mobile Data Protection Software

Backup Data on Smartphones & Tablets

Critical mobile data can be configured for automatic backup, so it can be accessed and restored anywhere, anytime.

  • Administrators can configure particular folders to be backed up as optional or mandatory; default folders are contacts, photos and videos
  • On Android devices, the entire SD card or selected files or folders on the SD card can also be backed up
  • Administrators can further configure the frequency of backup and the mobile resources to be used (e.g., data connection if WiFi is unavailable)

Mobile Data Security Software

Enable Mobile Devices with Remote Deactivation

Mobile devices can be enabled for remote deactivation should the device be lost or stolen. This decommissioning feature assures IT that data on the lost device won’t end up in the wrong hands.

  • Administrators can remotely deactivate mobile devices
  • Once deactivated, a mobile device is as good as new with no trace of any data
  • BYOD policies allow administrators to remotely wipe only the inSync mobile container on user-owned devices

Track Stolen Mobile Device

Geo-Locate your Mobile Devices Anytime

Mobile devices can be enabled to be tracked with geo-location information. The geo location tracking feature provides location coordinates for a device with high accuracy.

  • Geo-location includes detailed location coordinates
  • inSync maps the coordinates on an interactive Google Maps chart with the ability to zoom into the exact location

Mobile Data Security & Encryption

Encrypt Critical Data on Mobile Devices

Mobile devices can be enabled to have critical data encrypted on the device. The data encryption disables anyone from viewing local device files in clear text without a valid authentication.

  • Data encryption prevents intruders from viewing files in clear text
  • Authenticated users can view encrypted files without any extra steps required