Mobile Data Access

Continuous Data Availability, Anywhere, Anytime

With inSync, users can instantly access and view their backup data from any device using either the mobile app ( available for iPhone, iPad and Android app) or a web browser.

Multi-device Access

In today's corporate environment, where companies are embracing the BYOD movement, inSync lets users access all their data on most endpoint devices. It presents data organized by the user's devices (laptop, iPhone, iPad, etc.) and ensures continuous data availability. Users can select any device and instantly access their files and folders backed up from that device, anytime.

iPad / iPhone / Android Access

inSync's iPhone/ iPad/ Android app provides access to all of the user's data organized by devices. In addition, the user can download any file using the "Download" feature. Recently accessed files are easily available using the "Recents" feature.

Desktop Client Access

Users can also access all their data from a desktop client on their laptops. Data is organized by devices and by versions in the form of restore points. The desktop client also provides additional features to configure content, pause/resume backups, and status of the last backup.

Browser Access

Using a secure browser, inSync lets users access their backup data anytime. The connection to the browser is a secure 256 HTTPS connection and requires the user to login with restore credentials. Data is organized by devices and by versions in the form of restore points.

File Versions

inSync provides file versions through "restore points", which are point-in-time snapshots of all backed up data. Each restore point can be browsed and searched like regular folders.