Druva inSync provides IT complete visibility into sharing activity in the enterprise with the ability to fully regulate sharing both internally and externally. At the same time, inSync provides end users with the easy-to-use functionality that they need to collaborate easily and effectively. It’s a win-win proposition.

User-Friendly Collaboration

inSync provides robust, easy-to-use functionality, ensuring rapid user adoption.

  • Native folders, web sharing, and mobile sharing give users multiple ways to share
  • Multi-device sync keeps shared data up to date
  • Selective sync lets users choose which shared files and folders will be synced to which devices
  • External collaborators can edit and upload files

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IT Control With Policy Management

With inSync, IT can ensure data is not exposed to unauthorized individuals.

  • User and device-level permissions control who can share files and whether they can share externally
  • Storage policies let IT manage the retention of versions and set user quotas
  • Mobile policies control access, downloads for offline viewing, and third-party app access

IT Controls for inSync File Sharing

Visibility Into Sharing Activity

inSync provides insight into how data is shared and where shared data is located.

  • Audit trails provide an undeletable stream of sharing activity for all users, including external collaborators
  • Sharing reports provide detailed insights into sharing activity
  • Federated search allows shared files to be located globally across all users
Visibility into Sharing Activity

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Fully Integrated With Endpoint Backup

Benefit from a uniform experience, efficient storage, and ultimate control.

  • Centralized management with global policies increases
    IT efficiency
  • Unified client for end users increases productivity and reduces learning time
  • Single, deduped store for backup and sharing reduces
    storage costs

Druva was the only vendor to offer an endpoint backup product that had a companion file sync product for business organizations.”

- Gartner Critical Capabilities for
Enterprise Endpoint Backup