inSync offers unmatched enterprise-scale features for large-scale deployments both on-premise and cloud. With inSync, data protection can be scaled to thousands of endpoints without any impact to speed & performance of backups and restores, ease of storage management, or IT administrator effort.

Elastic Storage On Demand

inSync supports a scalable, elastic storage architecture for both on-premise and cloud deployments.

  • On inSync Cloud, increase storage capacity on demand by creating storages across any geographic region
  • On inSync Enterprise on-premise, a single inSync server can scale to handle up to 10,000 users
  • On inSync Private Cloud, scale linearly to handle any amount of users and data by adding storage nodes
  • inSync Private Cloud integrated with OpenStack empowers enterprises and MSPs with a massively scalable solution

Global, Large-Scale Deployment

inSync solves the challenge of large-scale deployment by enabling organizations to deploy to thousands of global users without any of their involvement.

  • Deploy globally on the cloud with storages in any region across the USA, EU, and APAC
  • Mass deploy agents using Active Directory GPO, Microsoft SCCM or Casper (JAMF software)
  • Integrated mass deployment eliminates the need for custom scripts, saving up to 75% in deployment time

HyperCache for Scalable Deduplication

HyperCache reduces the performance load on servers of Druva’s unique deduplication technology and allows backup to easily scale.

  • Powerful predictive server-side caching of deduplication index reduces disk I/O by up to 80%
  • Optimized for SSDs to further improve overall backup throughput by 5×
  • Deduplication easily scales to any number of users

Seamless Management for Large, Distributed Organizations

inSync Private Cloud provides a single administrative console for large, distributed organizations to seamlessly manage users, policies, and data across storage nodes.

  • Unified server management with a single interface to add/remove inSync storage nodes
  • Consolidated administration to add/delete users, manage administrators, and manage global policies
  • Unified reports and alerts of users, devices, profiles, activities and data across all storage nodes