Druva inSync Data Governance provides IT with complete visibility into backup, access, restore, and sharing. Centralized management and storage put IT in control of corporate data, and a common storage pool also allows IT to effectively support the e-discovery process without impacting employees.

Complete Control With Global Policies

Global policies enable IT to regulate all aspects of data protection and governance in the enterprise.

  • Global policies let administrators set permissions either individually or for groups of users
  • Data-privacy settings prevent adminstrators from viewing the content of specific user data
  • File-sharing policies allow administrators to grant internal and external sharing permissions, enable mobile sharing, set link expiration, and specify view-only access
  • BYOD policies allow IT to manage data access and backup for personal devices

Simplifying e-Discovery

With centralized access to data and integrated tools, IT can easily comply with legal requirements and provide data for e-discovery without impacting employee productivity.

  • Centralized storage provides access to all data in the organization without impacting users by retaining data from every device
  • Integrated tools facilitate the preservation and collection of relevant data by letting administrators create legal holds and add legal team members
  • Bulk export enables the collection of data for processing and review by legal teams

Advanced Data Insights With Reporting & Alerts

Comprehensive reporting and alerts enable administrators to monitor and and analyze data usage for compliance, global policy setting, and proactively address unauthorized usage

  • Summary charts give administrators an immediate overview of data by file type and size
  • Aggregate and individual user views provide multiple ways to monitor storage consumption
  • Reports and alerts enable IT to easily monitor users, devices, files, versions, and modification dates

Complete Data Visibility

Comprehensive user and administrator activity logging enables organizations to take appropriate action with the information.

  • Federated search enables administrators to locate any file across all users and endpoints
  • User activity streams reveal data usage and sharing patterns by providing a record of all user activity
  • Administrator audit trails display all management activity, which includes adding users, allocating storage, and running reports