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Connect Druva inSync’s high-performance backup to your mobile workforce

In addition to slow and intrusive backups, HP Connected falls short of delivering a solution that comprehensively protects dispersed enterprise data. Unlike HP Connected, Druva inSync not only enables high performance and seamless backups but also provides centralized visibility and control necessary for meeting today’s enterprise governance and compliance requirements. inSync was built from the ground up to support today’s mobile workforce and can easily scale for the largest enterprise while supporting BYOD policies.

….It’s no wonder why hundreds of Connected customers have migrated to inSync.

The Druva inSync Difference

  1. Efficient app-aware and global data deduplication
  2. High performance, scalable and elastic solution
  3. Comprehensive and unified data protection and governance capabilities
  4. Flexible, predictable licensing model
Druva inSync vs. HP Connected

Comparison Guide: Druva inSync to HP Connected

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3,000+ enterprise customers

High-performance, Invisible Backup

Are your users tired of being interrupted by Connected’s intrusive, resource-intensive backups? With Druva inSync, backups and restores are completely non-disruptive and invisible, eliminating users’ desire to disable backups. Unlike Connected, which offers limited data reduction, inSync deduplicates data on the client-side globally across all machines, preventing the unnecessary transfer of duplicate data to the server.

Architecture Designed for Scalability

Druva enables you to scale flexibly and seamlessly with an elastic architecture that provides on-demand storage in any geographic location. For cloud-based customers inSync provides any of 11 regional storage locations to address global data residency requirements. For private cloud deployment, inSync supports both traditional storage-node or object based storage for linear scalability to meet the needs of growing enterprises.

Unified Solution for Comprehensive Data Protection and Governance

Your data protection and governance needs extend beyond just backup, and Druva inSync has you covered with an integrated platform that includes data loss prevention, secure file sharing, tamper proof user audit trails, activity streams, alerts and federated search capabilities. Furthermore, inSync is the only platform with a built-in legal hold workflow to facilitate the collection and preservation of relevant end-user data for legal data requests and provides a secure interface for data ingestion into any eDiscovery system.

Enable Your Mobile Workforce

HP Connected was created before 75% of the workforce was mobile, and you can tell. In contrast, inSync is built from the ground up for mobility, providing users with access to data anytime, anywhere, and on any device. The inSync mobile app lets users access and share data from smartphones and tablets, while backup protects data on those devices from loss. And since inSync is licensed per user rather than device, companies can deliver multi-device access and multi-device ownership capabilities with a single license per user, for any number of devices.

Feature Comparison:


HP Connected

Druva inSync

Data deduplication techniques

Client-side only

Global, client-side, application-aware data deduplication (Outlook, Office, PDF, etc.)

Data backup and access for smartphones and tablets

Data access for tablets only

iOS and Android, Windows 8.1 (access and sync)

Multi-device ownership

Licensed per device

Licensed per user

CPU throttling & WAN optimization


Ensures that backups are fast and effective

Continuous data protection

Daily only


Data governance


Comprehensive data visibility
(Learn more)

Persona backup


Back up various system and application settings for os migration and restores

MDM integration


Endpoint data backup
and governance to
MobileIron ecosystem
(View technical brief)



Legal hold integration to expedite endpoint eDiscovery (View technical brief)

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