Case Studies

PwC empowers mobile workforce with inSync

Protecting critical corporate data for a large workforce over remote networks is a monumental challenge. PwC needed an enterprise data protection solution that performed fast and secure backups while optimizing for storage and allowing quick disaster recovery.

Merz Pharma keeps its mobile data safe with Druva inSync

Merz Pharma UK Ltd. needed a solution specifically designed for enterprise endpoints to support their new initiative to mitigate any impact of data loss on employee productivity.

Milwaukee Electric safeguards sensitive corporate data

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. has over 1000 employees globally, with users working from multiple locations and carrying critical corporate data on their endpoints. Milwaukee Electric needed a user-friendly, enterprise-grade endpoint backup solution to safeguard data on endpoints.

Pfizer solves OS migration challenges with inSync

With 20,000 laptops and 99% of their workforce on Windows XP, Pfizer faced a massive migration to Windows 7. They needed a solution that would provide data and settings backup to enable migration, support single sign-on, and provide secure cloud infrastructure.

Capita's infrastructure scales to meet its growing mobile data needs

Capita is one of the UK’s most respected technology and professional services companies with USD 4 Billion in turnover and total employee base of 36,000. Learn why Capita Group PLC chose InSync against Veritas Netbackup solution for over 10,000 Local and Remote Laptop users.

Avea meets data compliance needs with inSync Private Cloud

Avea is a growing telecommunications company that provides GSM cellular coverage to 98% of Turkey. With nearly 3000 distributed employees, Avea needed an endpoint backup solution that would meet its data compliance and redundancy needs while also providing the scalability to meet its future needs.

RWTH Aachen University embraces BYOD

RWTH Aachen University is a premier educational and research institution with critical intellectual property to protect. With a BYOD policy that allows laptops, tablets, and smartphones, the university needed a backup and file sharing solution that would give users flexibility while protecting research data.

America’s Leading Universities Protect Critical Data on Laptops

University employees carry laptops with critical information, such as proprietary research data or confidential administrative records. Educational institutes including UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Harvard, Duke, Brown, and Johns Hopkins protect their data from loss and breach with Druva inSync.

Pallavolo Modena protects critical team data on its endpoints

Pallavolo Modena, a prominent professional volleyball team, needed a way to protect its highly-valuable data from loss. The team stores critical data and statistics from each match on its laptops and then uses this data to develop strategies for future play.

Asia Pacific Financial Institutions protect distributed data

With a market cap of $3B US, the Indian Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector is seeing rapid growth. These banks and financial institutions need to protect large amounts of data generated on a daily basis by a large remote workforce and extensive network of branches across the country.

Media Pro reduces admin overhead while protecting remote users

With revenues of $174 million US, Media Pro provides several entertainment channels to a massive customer base in India. They needed a way to continuously protect data for a large, empowered workforce in multiple locations across the country.